How long til' you go?


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Friends only willing to do 4 nights this year and the week before R1 weekend too, so I come home to seeing it all over social media whilst having the horrible Ibiza blues :confused:. About to book 20th-24th July as a starter.

Will therefore likely have to go again in September, time to recruit some new people to come along :D.


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you really love that weekend, eh
It's basically my benchmark 😂 . Although R1 is nowhere near as big or as good any more, It's the perfect time as I'd rather hold out for a holiday than go too early, but can't really do any later than that whilst it's still peak summer. 4 nights though will be half of my shortest ever trip, definitely won't scratch the itch 👀


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Just booked flights. Sept 25th - Oct 4th. Was going to be mid-Sept, but flight prices crept up.

Now just got to decide whether it's purely Fig/Ibiza Town or have a few days in San An.
Yay! I’m there 23rd - 30th. Staying in San An but will no doubt venture over to Ibiza town for a change of scenery at some point if you’re staying that way.