How long til' you go?


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My budget can’t stretch to stay at Pikes, particularly when going solo unfortunately. Happy with what I’ve got. Will make my money back by eating £20 worth of breakfast each morning!
Mine can't usually trust me!! 18 months of overtime and doing nothing


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Best bit of the flight was that there were more people in the front Business rows / Club Europe bit than on the whole rest of the plane


Said this on another thread BUT - got back Tuesday after 5 days with the boys. Re booked during dinner at Mambos on Monday - back from the 20th- 24th - TWO WEEKS TO GO! Every chance I may not return home this time.


Im on day 2 cala llonga playa apartments.thejet2 flight for me was a white knuckle ride.and was suprised when the pilate said we were running 15 minits faster because of a tail wind.🤷🏼‍♂️
and also suprised that the beach is basically deserted at 9.30 in the morning.🤷🏼‍♂️
but all in loving it people.the flight i would say was 50% full.
Love the clear sea.D40C2B07-7E89-475A-8769-A60E66F2D705.jpeg72F9A51B-F4FA-4B35-AD83-67829C496974.jpeg


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Wow, my upcoming Ibiza trip seemed so far away in mid-September, I stopped even thinking about it, but now it's only 9 days to go :)

The speculation on SHINE Ibiza going ahead on the 16th didn't pay off - I think I'll add a whole day on Formentera instead, rent a bicycle there and finally explore that nice beach in the north with the sea from both sides :cool: