How long til' you go?

Life of Rye

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and what did you decide about O Beach @Life of Rye ?

So we went ahead and cancelled it

I was just honest and emailed to say we just felt that we wouldn't get the full experience that we are used to in past years.

In other words I am saying we were paying 550 euro and it just wasn't money well spent in our opinion. I also felt that our money would be better spent elsewhere other than to pay the monthly payment on Wayne's Bentley

Sort of undecided what we do instead but we have options and will just go with what we fancy on the day I guess


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We've decided to roll the dice and book 2 nights in October (15th and 16th). Kid-free, not excited at all....

Now begins the decision of where to stay and what to do....we will have the Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night, and leave Sunday lunchtime. Maybe we will be lucky and hit that 'one last dance' sweet spot....