How Long Have You Been Addicted To Ibiza?


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It all started back in the summer of 2000, a former friend of mine asked if I would like to join a Danish DJ tour - headed for Ibiza. I thought: why not, so I hooked up with the team - and the popgirl that I was - I thought that they would play "normal" music, like the s*** on the radio....

They didn´t and after 3 days of sobbing in my hotelroom - one of the DJ´s got fed up with me and took me for a VIP experience in privelege on a thursdag (or was it Wednesday?) - after that i kissed my popdays goodbye and converted into trancehood...
Have been happy eversince LOL*

What about you people????
I first went with work in 1995 (I'm a travel agent) and stayed at Club Med in Playa d'en Bossa for 3 nights, wasn't into clubbing then even though Space was right outside the hotel!!!

I then went in May 1999 and May 2000 just for really cheap hols over my birthday, still wasn't into clubbing then so sunbathed and went to bars.

Then I went back in 2000 and 2001 and was well into my clubbing by then, last year about 26 of us went out coz the DJ's from our club in Manchester were playing at Privilege.

Going back this year in July with my b/f, we've got a load of friends going out at the same time. We're hiring a car this time so I should be able to get out and about even more this time :D
hi helen. funny coincidence...I also first went to Club Med but back in 1998. it was a kind of family reunion. I had just moved to London and was just getting into clubbing. As all my family are much older and have kids(hence Club Med) I didnt really get too involved in the clubbing. Went to Space for the closing on my own. had a good time but did not realise the extent of what i was experiencing until I went back with friends the following year.
Ive been going tow times every year since and I am completely hooked.
Funny story.....the first summer we were there, I was out with my parents, who are in their 70s and the rest of the family for a meal in Ibiza town. On the way back we were passing space and my parents decided they wanted to take a look......kind of knowing what it waas like I was very determined to keep them away. Dad insisted and was up chatting to the bouncers and asking them loads of questions. He waas particularly impressed by all the gorgeous women who were in the queue, wearing very little!!!! At that stage he decided that we should go in.....but I managed to convince him that he wouldnt like it. Of course that was when I went back later that night myself and actually experienced it first time for myself. Funny thing that I know what Space really is like.....I would have no problem bringing my dad in as I know he would be made feel welcome and would enjoy most of it....except for the loud music!!!
My first visit was the summer of 2000. I remember the plane landing in Ibiza and I'm thinking to myself - well I'm finally here, let's see if all the stories are true ;) I stayed in San An on my first trip and hated it, I only looked forward to seeing the sunsets at night on the strip. Although I disliked San Antonio for a variety of reasons, there was something magical about Ibiza that brought me back. Over the years I've stayed in Figueretes and Ibiza Town and absolutely fell in love with the little White Isle..
First time when I was 16 with mates in 1997. Went back in 1999 and back again in 2002. Stayed in San An each time and never had any complaints about it other than lack of choice in hotels if you wanted air con.

This time I am staying in Playa den Bossa so it should be different. Really looking forward to leaving space & dc10 and walking back to a nice air con room rather than getting a taxi back to san an to a really hot room and not sleeping.
Well first time i was over there was when i was about 10 on a family holiday, It wasn't the best as my mum and dad had already agreed to divorce b4 the holiday. while we where there they were dead happy and were even talking about not divorcing but sadly as soon as they got life was back to normal and they divorced. I went back to the island when i was 18 in 1992 it was my first holiday with some friends i have always been a big house head and i had heard about the island and the clubs in the magazines. Was different then less hype and no superclubs the music was excellent though of course and san antonia wasn't quite as scruffy (it was still scruffy) have been every other year since 1994 was similar to 92. went back in 97 and it was billboard heaven for the superclubs and full of hype but it was still brilliant. started going to the other side of the island about that time as well as found myself there most of the time anyway. was there in 99 and 2001 always doing something different. learning how to pace myself to get the full islands glory. Back again this yr for much of the same. looking forward to opening party of pacha's 30th which is my faverite place. Havn't been to dc10 yet always meant to try but always been to tired so hopefully this time as i like dancin in the sun.
Have brillinat memories from ibiza the music u hear for the first time as it grows on you as the holiday proceeds, the different people that i have met over the years, and most of all eating my special K on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the sea an excellent way to have breakfast.
how sad am I !!! :lol:
I am currently saving my hard earned pennies looking to buy a nice little bar over there, hopefully will have enough in a couple of years although trying to find something will be hard.
So many silly little stories i could rant about for ages but i won't bore you all
ahhhh Ibiza :D :D
Aaron said:
This time I am staying in Playa den Bossa so it should be different. Really looking forward to leaving space & dc10 and walking back to a nice air con room rather than getting a taxi back to san an to a really hot room and not sleeping.

My thoughts exactly!!!!! I see we'll be out there at the same time as well 8)
went out for the first time on a 10 day holiday last year,loved it went back out 2 weeks later for the rest of the summer amd never looked back.
Havent been yet - this summer my first time - but i have wanted to go since 1995 when i bought my first Ibiza compilation (cafe del mar) and was looking at all the beautiful pictures of people dancing and the sun setting 8) - aaaaaa pure bliss - but i was in school and could never afford it. Now my time has come! YAY!!!!!! :D :D :D
first trip

my first trip was 1997, wicked year on the verge of speed garage. and could old house the stuff that now appears on the complation minstry of sound albums classed as old skool. like the buckheads the bomb.

did no major clubs that year though only got to edan adn es pardadis.
my friends where light weights they done in by 3am.

but love the vibe got hooked on it,, this year will be 6 times ...
Since the summer of 2000 Lukie is in love with the white island!
One of my earliest memories in my life was in Ibiza: 1977, age 2, I can remember going in a rubber dingy out to the boat we were staying on in the Bay. A bit vague but I don't have any other memories at that age I can pin down to a time and place!

Since then, I've been in 1995,1996(twice),1997,2001,2002 :)
the earliest i can remember was probably when i was about 5 or 6, but the first time i went was 17 years ago.
my first memory is running down the old harbour when i was 5 years old, thats 21 years ago, but my first trip was when i was 2 years, didnt do much clubbing i was much in the playing-with-toys scene ;)
El_Diablo said:
but my first trip was when i was 2 years, didnt do much clubbing i was much in the playing-with-toys scene ;)

Really :?: You Spanish must be late starters when it comes to clubbing :p ;) My mum bought me white gloves and a whistle for my 2nd birthday :lol: ;)