Confessions, in Ibiza I have never...


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Really serious point from me for once, if you've never done Formentera/es vedra, get the late boat back from Formentera and watch the sunset over es vedra. And propose. Even if you've never seen them before, just propose to them. Epic win.


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high on my 'still to do' list

Anita's hierbas
most of the restaurants on Amigo's reviews
el bigotes
driving a citroen mehari
hitchhiking with el pirata


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Watch tower over looking Es Vedra - tried and failed to find the way up.

Atlantis but rectify this next time I visit. Didn't know how to get down on foot.

Underground - just not happened, night I fancied or was free.

Scuba or free dive after seeing the videos in here.

Full night in Ibiza town on the beer. Been a fair few times for meals, Dalt Villa, IMS, Pacha. Couple of hours on Calle de la Virgen but not a full night.

Sure there's loads more


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I've never made it to Fish shack in Talamanca despite 20 years worth of trips! It sounds my idea of heaven.

I've also never done Halloween on Ibiza, maybe this year😈


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Urgh, so many things!

- Been to the north
- Been to STK (is it worth it??)
- Never done Privilege
- Las Dalias

Many many more!

Last time I went, I managed to tick off Pikes, Zoo Project and did some paddle boarding, booked via Spotlight. Nearly poo'd my pants when I fell in and the lovely chap told me GET OUT GET OUT because there were jellyfish in the water near me!


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Salinas/jockey club/ sa trinxa
Probably haven’t found the hidden gems in terms of beaches

haven’t been to (but not ashamed of them🤣):
Eden - would go if there was anything to my fancy on
Es paradise
Ocean beach - couldn’t pay me to go