Clubs officially opening after the COVID19 pandemic


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Although very jealous, I was happy to see it was Circus and Yousef et al leading this. Always a top night in Liverpool, him with a few others have pushed for safe introduction of live events through the right the channels and IMO a very good dj

I saw they'd released 100 extra tickets yesterday and was straight onto it, even with a poorly foot but realised you needed to be registered at a local GP😊

Hope Liverpool enjoyed it


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Looked like my idea of corporate clubbing hell but obv wasn't aimed at me. Happy for all those finally able to safely let off steam, which was the real priority here. This made me laugh:

Thought of you when they played Ultra Nate - Free at this test event 😁

Took me back to this night at Circus (10 years ago 😅) Carl Crag with Luciano...your reaction to that being played 😁

Circus was a brilliant night at The Masque in Liverpool


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Got tickets for 12 of us to see Gorgon City @ Printworks in December this morning. Know it's not to the tastes of the VAST majority of you, but it's always a cracker of a night whenever we do it. Just the 7 months to wait....
Whats wrong with Gorgon City ?
Too commercial ?