Clubs officially opening after the COVID19 pandemic


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Let's start this thread to collect all OFFICIAL announcements of Clubs and Festivals.
As Long as Ibiza is not ready we need to checkout options worldwide for this summer… :)
But leave me alone with all the drive in Events...

Supermarket in Zurich has opened last Weekend.
Luciano Plays on the 20th, Animal Trainer on the 27th

Mint Club Zagreb - Richy Ahmed on the 21st

Noa Beach Club at the 9th of July. -> Lets see if this really goes through.
Can't belive any of those are happening, before I see it with my own eyes.
They have one club date in October booked too. If you'll be in Hollywood, contact them about it. It's scheduled for a venue called Academy. It's an alright place. Not too exciting, but it's totally home base for me. It's the closest venue to home.
Already open last week.


Dclub also opened last week.

Our little local club were to open a new room couple of weeks ago with Sam pagarimi in main room and trikk in the 2nd room.. ☹️
I really would like to make it to that Opening... even if it is just a seated open air garden… 4hour drive… guess thats worth it...
Smaller festival in Germany that follow the rules.. put the stage in front of the camping area, and devide the camping area in 100ppl buckets. Smart idea indeed.