cafe del mar



Hello I am going to Ibiza in October and wondered does anyone know if cafe del mar will be open?
yes :!:

hmmm very dissapointed with cafe del mar...mambo seemed very good especially on friday night
I was speaking with some friends on Hogmanay about Cafe Del Mar. To me it is the main reason I go to Ibiza. Cant beat sitting there and people watching, listening to good music and juts chilling on the beach. It has got a little bit more commercialised over the last few years though.

A lot of people jutst dont get it at all. I was there last year and we met a couple at Garlands closing and then met them at Del Mar the night after. They had previously been there once before and thought that they had seen it and done it. We sat on the beech, drank sangria, chilled and watched the sunset. It was one of the great sunsets that you experience maybe once or twice in a couple of weeks and the couple loved it.

Everyday after that I bumped into them at Cafe Del Mar for the sunset and one evening the guy just said he totaly understood what it was all about. He loved it !

If you really want to know what it is all about go on your own one evening and get a couple of bottles of beer and chill. Listen to the music, people watch and soak it up. You will understand, I promise! You must go every night. Every sunset is different!

Mambo is great, but it is like compaing chalk and cheese. They are totaly different.
Cafe Del Mar is the original and the best. It has stayed true to it's root's thankfully i.e. no pre parties and all that crap. Thank god it has as my family own an appartment in the block above which is called El Cano. Ou balcony is 1st floor on the right. How lucky am I? If Cafe Del Mar tried to emulate Mambo it would be hell staying there, it's bad enough with noise from the Savanna which floats accross when the wind blows in that direction-it spoils the CDM tunes!
i remember cafe del mar in the old days, which means for me before 1994,....omg...this place was really one of the best in the in summer its absolute tourist crap....i would recomend it before the 1st of june, and after the 30th of sept.....can you imagine...there where no! beer drinkers...and NOBODY! clapping the stupid hands,....unbelieveable today... :evil:
I´ve only done CDM once, actually the first year I went to Ibiza. The rest of the time Ive spend the sunsets on Mombo´s - Savannahs and this year also Sugar Sea which was less rammed but very was medium tho.
I loved Cafe Del Mar the first year i went to Ibiza in 2001 but the past two years ive prefered Mambo's. The clientele in Cafe Del Mar seem to be bit older and the vibe is too, IMO or cors :p
ED CASE said:
Personally I think that whole area is a tacky tourist trap

I agree with you, I think it's much more authentic to watch the sunset in a lonely beach or anywhere with nice views (Cap d'es Falcó, for example). I don't need the music.
Anyway, when I'm in the island off season and Café del Mar is open I always try to have a drink there.