Age Differences..


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A couple of Friends and I were discussing the whole age difference thing. My best mate's going out with a 25 yr old.. ( she's 18 ) I personally dont see what age has to do with anything.. But suprisingly.. quite a few of our friends thought it was wrong.. i was just wondering what everyone else's opinions to age difference are..
i dont think it matters.. i think its more of a maturity issue. 18 and 25 i dont think anything wrong with that..
Mental! I was about to do a post on this last night/this morning when I got in but thought I best leave it coz woz pished!

The biggest age difference when Ive been the older person is 5years for me.

Couldnt tell u the age of the older women tho! :oops: - Not that I dont wanna either ;)
as long as it ain't micheal douglas and zeta jones type age difference, then i can't see any probs.
eh im 19 and couldnt go oot wit a 25 year old im 2 fussy
Most of my b/friends have been younger than me :eek: I'm a big believer in getting them young when they are misguided souls, then they think they are onto a good thing, by the time they have come to their senses I've already lured them in :lol: ;)