1. Deeplomatic

    New release: Bubba Brothers from Portugal

    Bubba Brothers, two Techno and House DJs who started their careers in early 2015. Integrated by Eliseo Correia and Justino Santos, a couple of friends from Portugal who became a regular and popular presence in clubs and festivals. The duo has produced multiple dance-floor hits throughout time...
  2. ScorpioMan

    This Is My Deep House

    Hi Guys, During the 3rd lockdown, one thing remained a constant, and that was listening to music. Ever since my very first Ibiza trip, I have been addicted to house music. Mainly Deep House, but will still always have an appreciation for Tech, Progressive & Trance. I started a YouTube channel...
  3. D

    Solo 30th May to 1st June

    Hi, I am travelling solo to Ibiza on 30th to 1st June. I am staying in Ibiza town. I am not sure about what to do on priority. Looking for some mates for company in Ibiza. Thanks
  4. D

    >>> Downtech Music

    TRACKLIST: 01 Dhyan Droik - Beyond Borders (Original Mix) 07:02 02 Carlos Beltran - Rehab (Original Mix) 07:04 03 Dani DL - La Campanada (Original Mix) 06:15 04 Marfel - Jungle in the Bass Line (Original Mix) 08:36 05 Deniesty & Matula - Revelation (Original Mix) 07:18 06 Dj Hippy - Parabellum...
  5. L

    Where was “York - on the beach” filmed?

    where was the music video filmed I’m guessing it’s ibiza and obviously on a beach but does anyone know or recognise where they filmed it?
  6. L

    What's your favourite 1980's dance tracks?

    whats your favourite 1980s dance tracks of all time? Can be any genres such as brittish sync pop etc Mines in no order New order - blue Monday Visage - fade to grey yazoo - don't go Tears for fears - mad world Depeche mode - enjoy the silence Duran Duran - planet earth
  7. P

    Collaborative Spotify playlist

    I just started a collaborative playlist on Spotify for Ibiza related tracks. Its here: If anyone wants to follow and add a track please do. Its the first time Ive tried setting up a collaborative playlist so let me know if...
  8. Cordosh

    Ibiza 5th - 14th september 2017

    Hello everybody I am arriving to Ibiza 5th Sep. and planing to go first night to Ibiza Underground for tINI and gang if enyone is fancy to join me it will be cool.I am traveling solo and I will be in the Ibiza till 14th Sep. so plenty time to join another partys :) or another things to do...
  9. W_I_C

    Live Electronic Music Acts Recommendation

    Oracle of Spotlight Forums, I need some help... I'm looking for recommendations of acts who perform their material live - acts who might not be on my radar already. "Electronic" can be in the broad sense of the term: I'm looking for any group/duo/individual who performs their music live (ie...
  10. BakedBeans83

    Looking for a late dance bar (Sunday night/Mon morning) in Ibiza town please

    Hi, arrive super early hours Monday morning (1am ish) end of June so want to scrape a couple of bars in Ibiza town close to our digs in Marina Botafoch - where is the best deal for those in-the-know with good music and atmosphere? Initially thought of Tira Palla (too quiet music-wise?) and...
  11. EveyT

    Which DJ/Act has impressed recently?

    Who have you been listening to or seen recently that's impressed you? I'm enjoying all things Mike Servito at the moment. Various mixes, especially his b2b with the Black Madonna. I also seen him in Glasgow a few months back and he was top class. Vinyl too
  12. L

    Really needing this track I.d can't stop thinking about it

    does anyone know the mix of snap - the power Andrea Oliva plays at ants ushuaia?
  13. L

    Memories of early 2000's in ibiza

    whats your memories of Ibiza in the early 2000's
  14. L

    What is the song David morales "needing u" about?'

    What is the song about? Also wondering what it was like in Ibiza when it came out was it a massive hit on that year? See amnesia in music video etc
  15. L

    What dance songs ere from your childhood and teenage years?

    Just wanted to see what everyone used to listen to in there childhood years and teenage years for me it was cafe deal mar (found it on older brothers iPod) and lock n load - blow your mind
  16. L

    Loudest or best system in Ibiza clubs

    juat wondering what your opinion is on this what's the loudest sound system or best system you've seen in Ibiza mines is probably 1 amnesia 2 space terrace 3 pacha main room
  17. L

    What recent remix's of classic dance tracks do you like right now

    So now the season has come to a end what recent remixes of trance,house techno are your favourite? Mines is definitely chicane - saltwater kryder remix just now quite touchy on remixes of classics but this track is amazing
  18. L

    What's the most well known raggaeton song?

    always here raggaeton no matter where I am in Spain think the one I always recognise and always remember is daddy Yankee - gaslina what others is there?
  19. L

    Ibiza vs Las Vegas

    So thought about it last year and was talking to a girl in amnesia last year she said Las Vegas is better but I disagreed they may have a lot of money over there and can bring in huge commercial dj's but will never have the crowds or atmosphere or culture Ibiza has. Fair enough if your into...
  20. L

    Anyone know the track I.d for this played at Ushuaia

    I know the original is ultra Nate - free here is the link its on the Ibiza club news videos on there Facebook