Which DJ/Act has impressed recently?


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Who have you been listening to or seen recently that's impressed you?

I'm enjoying all things Mike Servito at the moment. Various mixes, especially his b2b with the Black Madonna. I also seen him in Glasgow a few months back and he was top class. Vinyl too

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i'm totally out of touch with hype charts and stuff. I basically go on instinct and trust people's tastes which reflect mine. I would never go to check out a DJ on the back of one production (different skillset kids!) but certainly would on the back of an amazing mix.

I've just gone through my RA app and picked out some of the names I tend to keep an eye out for, be it mixes, gigs, podcasts or productions. These guys are not usually seen on billboards and they certainly won't be entertaining 'spectators' on balconies at Ushuaia this summer... but they all are excellent selectors and I've heard most of them out.

I included a few oldies in there who I still think know how to rock a party

there are also currently also loads of good lesser-known DJs out of the netherlands, israel and japan in particular (need to research more there)

Donato Dozzy
DJ Alex
Lord of the Isles
Lee Douglas
Todd Terje
Prins Thomas
Anthony '586' Daly
Andy Blake
Tony Humphries
Henrik Schwarz
Force of Nature
Massimilano Pagliara
Cos / Mes
Steve Lee
Beautiful Swimmers
Heidi Lawden
Andrew Weatherall
Larry Heard
Tim Sweeney
Intergalactic Gary
Young Marco
Juju & Jordash
DJ Fra
Marc Piñol
Omar S
Terrence Parker
Tin Man
Dolan Bergin
Gerd Janson
Toby Tobias
Etienne Jaumet
Felix Dickinson
Hieroglyphic Being
DJ Pierre
Jamie 3.26
Recently started listening to; Robert Hood, Dj Tennis. Two who have been about but I just never listened to them. Seen Hood play in an abandoned underground car park. Great location and he was top drawer


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Was that the return leg with Ry Diggs, the buckfast and the menage a trois that never was, or are you referencing me losing my drivers license in london, missing my plane home and getting a 12 hour megabus home on Monday afternoon?


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More importantly who would you like to hear/see:rolleyes: play in ibiza this year be it dj,label, club night,BRAND,hairdresser ect.. without having to go to croatia and to give us something fresh for 2017..and not the same old Canon foddder that people are getting for the last few years..