Looking for a late dance bar (Sunday night/Mon morning) in Ibiza town please


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Hi, arrive super early hours Monday morning (1am ish) end of June so want to scrape a couple of bars in Ibiza town close to our digs in Marina Botafoch - where is the best deal for those in-the-know with good music and atmosphere? Initially thought of Tira Palla (too quiet music-wise?) and Paradise Lost, now I've heard about Café Malanga - if the latter is more clubby with music to tap our feet to this might be the best option for 7 fresh-off-the plane discerning 30-somethings? (3 of which are Ibiza virgins who I'm wanting to show the best of the island to).... help appreciated please!


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hmmm sunday night...café malanga normally has their big nights only fri/sat night.

veto close to pacha might be an option. or maybe even 107 in marina botafoch or B12 gallery, but it's a bit early to tell.

if you're happy with drinks only, paradise lost or tira palla sound perfect. but they're not clubs as you know.