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Oracle of Spotlight Forums, I need some help...

I'm looking for recommendations of acts who perform their material live - acts who might not be on my radar already.

"Electronic" can be in the broad sense of the term: I'm looking for any group/duo/individual who performs their music live (ie. not mixing records), from synth pop bands to minimal tech (and every sub-genre inbetween!)

The more flamboyant/showman-like the better.
Or, the more obscure/unique.

I'd be especially interested to know of any acts local to you that might not be in the national/international consciousness yet.

And any women/transgender acts would be really exciting (I've already quite a list, but almost exclusively men at the moment - with the exception of vocalists)

Please post links to soundcloud, youtube vids etc.

Thank you :)

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I've seen many of the big guns over the years (chems, leftfield, underworld, orbital, b jaxx, moby etc) but the best live electronic performance I ever saw was The Juan Maclean at cargo

i remember dripping in sweat at the end - a more intense musical experience I have never had or will ever repeat

I think this footage is from the same tour. Stay with it the whole way through but make sure you have a spare 22 mins!

Far lesser known are The Pink Diamond Revue (who I think are based in Reading)

saw them in Brighton - very weird but awesome music. twisted psychedelic electronica with the focal point a mannequin on stage! (don't ask)

Perhaps even more obscure, Fumaça Preta are from Brazil. Saw them last year at the Convenanza Festival in France. Mostly played Led Zep style rock until they totally threw us with this acid curveball

Also from Convenanza 2016 - the Woodleigh Research Facility (another one of Andrew Weatherall's side projects)
the music is top drawer and he is one of the great eccentrics of our time

Finally on more conventional disco-funk tip. Faze Action have been around donkeys but never really crossed over. Best known for the Nuphonic classic "in the trees". They DJ a lot but also tour as a live band

hopef of interest to you

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I saw a great band at the weekend called Moon Duo - there was an electronic and shoegaze element to it. Very psychedelic (think wooden shjips meets spacemen 3). So floaty at times, I actually thought I was tripping even though I wasn't.

ps/ Ibiza people should check out Nightmares on Wax whenever they do any live stuff. Cracking fun. Antithesis of all the VIP nonsense.


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That Juan McLean video is class. It's funny about weird assumptions that we make through life... I actually remember seeing him advertised to play at Amnesia (maybe last year or '15) I'd never heard of him before, so instantly dismissed him as an EDM DJ! :lol: Just goes to show

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I think he also played with the !!! (chk chk chks)

I also really enjoyed Kelley Polar live too (god knows what happened to him) and people like Christian Prommer, Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier

Going back, there was loads of really exciting live electronic stuff out of New York, most famously LCD but loads of others too, often via the DFA stable - Radio 4, The Rapture, Holy Ghost. It kind of dovetailed with what was happening in Europe around the same time with the electroclash thing. Soulwax, Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Le Tigre etc. A reaction against glossy house music in search of something a bit more raw and uncategorisable. Sometimes it paid off, more often it didn't..

LCD broke down a lot of indie/dance borders - in the same way the Dust Brothers and Weatherall had a generation before

I remember even Fabric could sound quite rock-y at times on saturdays

shoreditch too was crawling with bars with indie kids who had just popped their first E - with some interesting synergy going on (although the entire music establishment mistakenly inferred the klaxons were proper ravers just because one track sounded a bit Altern 8). Erol Alkan was playing incredible sets at The End, music which had no right to go together. he could be a bit of a twerp with his on stage antics, but heart was in right place.

the big tune was justice v simian mobile disco - we are your friends. again, very hard to pigeon hole. but it somehow worked when you were kippered at 10am. it seemed to be everywhere.

Yikes this post is going dangerously annie mac circa 2005 - will leave it there


Well obvious current bands who get mainstream recognition who I would class under the (Indie / Rock Electronic Pop and Synth Pop Category)

The XX, Chvrches and The 1975. I must admit I love all of these.

Lesser known bands would be Electric Youth and Desire from the other side of the pond.

Other acts I really rate Moderat, Fatima Yamaha, Polarkreis 18, Jonsi, Sigur Ros and Empire of the Sun

Soundtracks you’ll love if you are into 80’s inspired electronica and synth pop (Drive, 2011) and (Stranger Things, 2016)

Let me delve throughout my Itunes to find the more lesser known, obscure acts.

Loving this thread.


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Yeah the songs are weak from the new album.lost in those big venues they play now. In the right setting might work. Hard to follow the first album.. Jamie does try keep the beats going but it doesn't work from what I've seen and heard..


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We went to see le galaxie last weekend near where I live,really good.
Camp,gay and great sounds..

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on the more sunset/ambient vibe ALMUNIA from Italy play some fantastic stuff, in my humble opinion

also from Italy, Fred Ventura / Italo-Connection

saw them live last year - all sorts of influences ranging from italo synth through to old Human League