1. Loveibizatrance1

    How had the Internet affected in Ibiza was it better before the Internet or better with it

    seen a interesting status on Facebook from Gareth emery today he was talking about how he is going to stop using the Internet and social media and live like what it was like in the 90's where the dj scene never had the likes of soundcloud YouTube etc I seen on another thread someone speaking...
  2. Loveibizatrance1

    What was manumission like in the glory days?

    just back from Ibiza heard a lot of crazy stories about manumission over the years ever been to the night because it's no longer running and I'm 20 so was too young to go and experience it what's your crazy stories or best memories from this night?
  3. Loveibizatrance1

    Calling for anyone who was around Ibiza when energy 52 cafe deal mar came out

    So just back from Ibiza yesterday and thought I always thought what it would be like when energy 52 cafe del mar came out what was the hype around the track like? It was the first proper trance song I fell in love with aged 9 or 10 on my brothers iPod at the time lol
  4. N

    Space Best Moments

    Hello, Spotlight gang needs some help with this To remember our dear Space and celebrate its last year on the isle, we are putting together a list of incredible moments, sets, special situations that have happened between those walls any time. Ideas? Suggestions? xx
  5. emd

    cSp´s new podcast ... hope you will enjoy :)