Calling for anyone who was around Ibiza when energy 52 cafe deal mar came out


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So just back from Ibiza yesterday and thought I always thought what it would be like when energy 52 cafe del mar came out what was the hype around the track like? It was the first proper trance song I fell in love with aged 9 or 10 on my brothers iPod at the time lol
Hi there.

Whilst the track officially was released in 1993 it wasn't until it first charted in 1997 that it stated to gain popularity.
I heard it first time 1994 somewhere on a illegal rave. No clue what track or artist. Next time on ibiza early 1996 (not sure openings?)... some tunes are so emotional and give you goosebumbs at least 20y later... one of my favorites ibiza tunes ever. Mid 90ies until early 2000 brought us alltime classics.
First heard back in 93/94 odds when ventured into the dance scene as a spotty late teen.

Was massive by the time of my couple of first trips to Ibiza three years later.

That and 1998 (Binary Finary) etc were awesome back in the day. Still are!
Big time. Loved hearing it being mixed in. One of those tunes that you could identify early. I remember always turning round and saying "that's Binary Finary coming on" (even though that's not the song name).
Was down the front of cream one year when Paul van dyk played it one of the best and probably the most happiest I've been in a long time haha!