1. E

    Elrow vs Masquerade ?

    Hi guys, going to Ibiza for the first time in the beginning of July. We plan on going to two clubs on two separate days , we definitely wanna go to David Guetta @ Hi on the 7th and then on the 8th debating between Elrow @ Amnesia and Masquerade @ Pacha . Could anyone reccomend either one or just...
  2. NeelB14

    Solo traveler - July 16-22 (San Antonio)

    Heyyy I am traveling solo to Ibiza to indulge in crazy nightlife & visit beautiful beaches! Going to Elrow Amnesia (Sat), Ben Bohmer at Cova Santa (Mon), Elrow Ushuaia (Wed)... Any of you going to these? Would love to meet up... I'm a 29 yr old from Canada :)
  3. D

    Kevin and Perry GO LARGE at Amnesia Ibiza 2022

    Who's bringing the jam sandwiches?
  4. little_minx

    Pyramid @ AMNESIA 2020

    Source :
  5. C

    Next week, 13 July

    Hola My wife & I are back on Ibiza for a quick long weekend. Have balcony tix for El Row Sat night 13 July. 34yr old, Ibiza veterans. Anyone going to be up there to party w/ us by chance? Spotlight is out of their tickets but you can still get VIP balcony tix direct through Amnesia website fwiw...
  6. little_minx

    [LUCIANO] - Amnesia 2019 - Residency

    Luciano announced his residency at Amnesia Ibiza for summer 2019! SOURCE : FaceBook
  7. L

    Amnesia Ibiza for sale?

    Don’t know if reccently seen Ibiza club news status or Instagram post but they are rumours of amnesia going on the market and sold to the highest bidder. Has anyone heard of this rumour if it true or not?
  8. Ste Proudlock

    15th To the 22nd September

    Going it alone this time... Second time on the island this summer, looking at these nights: Saturday 15th Amnesia - Elrow Sunday 16th Hi - Cream Monday 17th DC-10 - Circoloco Tuesday 18th Amnesia - Together Closing Party Open to other sugestions... anyone wanna get messy?? :p
  9. D

    From London to Ibiza 7-8th August!

    Hi guys, luckily I won an all paid package for 2 that includes hotel, flights from London to Ibiza and 2 vips for Together Amnesia. Really has noone to go with and as I don't want to go alone thought to give a try here to find someone as the deadline to let the organiser know is 2 more days...
  10. zchas31

    Cream Ibiza moving to Hï

    News on Cream Ibiza ending after a 22 year club night run... thoughts /news on the new Thursdays at Amnesia.. likely Do Not Sleep / Darius Syrossian / Abode club night? Since this discussing was getting unwieldy on the main thread... :)
  11. U

    History of the pyramid fountain in amnesia

    Hello, about a year ago I started trying to find out some information about the pyramid fountain that was in the garden in Amnesia during the 1980s, and was removed at some point in the early 1990s. I have spoken to a few people who went there during that time, as well as some of the early DJs...
  12. S

    Ibiza long weekend 14-18 September

    Day 1 - 14/09/17 It's been sixteen years since my first trip to Ibiza, but the excitement when the plane approaches to land is still as great as it was in the early years - like a friend of mine said, it's like Christmas only without the family and kids :) This time I was careful to take a...
  13. L

    What kind of do equipment do the big clubs use?

    was having a look at some of the setups in clubs like amnesia pacha etc do they still use the pioneer 2000's or have the moved on to 3000's?
  14. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  15. Lumpy.Monkey

    B.for Ibiza Restaurant (above Amnesia)

    Anyone know if Amnesia's sushi restaurant "B.for Ibiza" is still open? Their web site is down - I'm not sure how clever it'd be to eat raw seafood before a night at Amnesia but hey !!!
  16. Lumpy.Monkey

    Ibiza's Best SoundSystems

    For those who might be interested in where that thumping big sound comes from, there's a new article from the good folks over at MixMag explaining how the biggest clubs are rigged.
  17. Antwan

    Solo in san antonio

    Hola! Solo travelling swedish guy here. If someone just wants to get some food or a drink tonight just hit me up! Going to the party at Amnesia tonight so if you are heading there it would be awesome. Cheers
  18. Phil_uk86

    San Antonio solo 4th -8th June

    Hey all, Went to Ibiza back in ’13 and caught the bug so back again. Will be in San Antonio 4th – 8th June solo due to a last minute cancellation! I have a spare ticket for Es Paradis on 4th, and Ocean beach and Amnesia on 6th if anyone fancies meeting up for a party, it would be a shame for...
  19. K

    VIP Tables at clubs

    Guys coming July 11-17 to celebrate a 40th birthday. We are partying one night off a night. Main clubs Privilege(carl cox), Pacha, Sankeys(tribal sessions) We have 20 people confirmed, and I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of VIP tables at each of these clubs. Full service VIP...
  20. L

    Lighting system and sound system

    hello just couple question was recently in amnesia Ibiza could'nt help but notice the light system c02 cannons etc how much is the light system worth estimated? The sound system is probably the most popular loudest sound system I've ever heard I got told they are custom built the ones on the...