1. Amil

    5 Available free spaces on Yacht 3rd July 2016

    Hi Guys Hope your all well, we're heading over to Ibiza next Friday staying at the Hard Rock Cafe :) We have booked a Yacht for the day 3rd July all day and realised it is far too big for the 5 of us, there is free drinks and food aboard, a skipper and a hostess...
  2. white_isle_calling

    Short Break, first trip of 2016

    Ok, so here it is. Apologies for the delay! Been back a week yesterday (the first 4 days were spent recovering). To set the scene this was my cousin's stag-do. Originally I hadn't planned on going as I knew I'd have only just returned home from travelling. However, one of the group dropped-out...
  3. HaydD

    Can anyone tell me what this song is?!

    Played at a Hannah Wants set 11th August 2015, I've had this on my phone since and I can't find what it's called! All I can make out is just before the drop it says "feel the bass", was played at a Defected/Together night in Amnesia. Searched all her mixes and other amnesia defected mixes from...
  4. HaydD

    When are artists usually announced?

    Hi everyone, New to this so bear with me... When are artists usually announced? Trying to figure out who will be playing The Redlight Sankeys sessions, Together Tuesdays (is there a house label collab?) and what Ushuaia are up to? Cheers