5 Available free spaces on Yacht 3rd July 2016


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Hi Guys

Hope your all well, we're heading over to Ibiza next Friday staying at the Hard Rock Cafe :)

We have booked a Yacht for the day 3rd July all day and realised it is far too big for the 5 of us, there is free drinks and food aboard, a skipper and a hostess.


If anyone would like to come then feel free to PM me.

The schedule for the rest of our holiday is below, if you would like to come as well please feel free to give me a shout:

Martin Garrix (Friday) VIP
Mambo (Saturday) VIP
SPACE (Saturday Evening) VIP
Yacht (Sunday)
Amnesia (Sunday Evening)
Blue Marlin (Monday)

I don't know if I will survive all these but I will certainly give it a go :)

Let me know if anyone is there the same time :)