space 2016

  1. H

    Sundays at space, glitterbox, judgement Mid Sept

    Pre-10pm entry at Space Sunday's with free wristband pass out and 2 free drinks (from article on here). This sounds awesome, does anyone know if free drinks applies to €20 early entry tix or just the €40 standard? How does music compare to dc10 Mondays? Debating between judgement or glitterbox...
  2. Amil

    5 Available free spaces on Yacht 3rd July 2016

    Hi Guys Hope your all well, we're heading over to Ibiza next Friday staying at the Hard Rock Cafe :) We have booked a Yacht for the day 3rd July all day and realised it is far too big for the 5 of us, there is free drinks and food aboard, a skipper and a hostess...
  3. N

    Space Best Moments

    Hello, Spotlight gang needs some help with this To remember our dear Space and celebrate its last year on the isle, we are putting together a list of incredible moments, sets, special situations that have happened between those walls any time. Ideas? Suggestions? xx
  4. little_minx

    Glitterbox @ SPACE 2016

    Glitterbox Back At Space For 2016 Ibiza Season : SOURCE :