Amnesia Ibiza for sale?


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Don’t know if reccently seen Ibiza club news status or Instagram post but they are rumours of amnesia going on the market and sold to the highest bidder.

Has anyone heard of this rumour if it true or not?

Thomas Cliche

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According to Ibiza Club News : "some little Spanish old lad who does his shopping in San Antonio’s Mercadona and has a great tan, told us, in Spanish, that the sale of Amnesia is “one hundred and fifty percent nailed on”, with the club’s current owners set to make an official announcement on the sale within the next couple of weeks."

I wonder who's that old lad?

Woodsy Ibiza 25

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I wonder if Sven and the Cocoon team new Amnesia was going to go up for sale in the future and decided to move to another Pacha before the Amnesia sale went through?