Who has booked for 2018?

Discussion in 'Clubbing open chat' started by diver, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. perrylgooner

    perrylgooner Active Member

    Saturday 28th July - August 4th July... those dates are not my personal preference, but its the only weekend across the summer that everyone in our group of 18 could do. Saying that for the last two/three years its been one of the best Cocoon's of the season. Villalobos, Seth and Craig Richards on the terrace with Sven in the main room. I would be over the moon if it's on the same date this year

    ... also hoping to sneak back out for Cocoon closing but we will see what this year brings :D
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  2. LuckyBlueSuit

    LuckyBlueSuit Active Member

    19-23 August at the marvellous migjorn in pdb. Hoping for another Dixon Vath combo, more industrialisation from deadmau5, some klock and plenty of sleep, sun and nice food. Plus some unanticipated adventures. I so wish Laurent garnier will make an appearance when I’m there.

    And still try to do the Solomun and cocoon openings with a bit of luck from the inlaws looking after the kids again
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  3. Ibiza-oldtimer

    Ibiza-oldtimer New Member

    Just booked 22-26 September. 10 of us staying at Ebano in PDB for a hen do.
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  4. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Brave Solo warriors take note..:)
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  5. mashednlovingit

    mashednlovingit Active Member

    6th July - 13th July. 3 of us. Longest time I'll have spent in Ibiza for a number of years!
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  6. Bucko08

    Bucko08 Active Member

    Booking end of the month. Looking to 17th - 22nd of June. First time not going in September but opting for Bpm in Portugal this year
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  7. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    Hows it goin' Bucko?
  8. Bucko08

    Bucko08 Active Member

    Im doing alright mate, thanks. Currently doing dry jan as had a heavy festive period. Yourself?
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  9. lukemc

    lukemc Member

    26th May till June 2nd booked, more chilled this year I'm hoping, 4 nights the first week of September looking likely aswell, but not set in stone.

    Flights seen to be slightly more expensive this year, shame Monarch aren't running any more, have all the flights been released this year yet?
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  10. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    Fine thanks mate, im just brewing up for a dry February (maybe?)
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  11. jimmiz

    jimmiz Well-Known Member

    Change of plan...
    Still coming in April... But July and September cancelled for the moment...
    Next trip after April will be finally by boat, with a one way ticket... Maybe 2018 but there is more chance 2019 :cool:
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  12. Nobbie Q

    Nobbie Q Active Member

    I can't help it. July 22nd- Aug 6th, possibly until Aug 12th if I sort some stuff out at work. Managed to get a cheap hotel in San An (as usual, can't afford anything else) for this long AF stay.

    I booked Hostal Horizonte. Don't know why it's called a hostal when I have a private room and bathroom.
  13. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    Hostal is a smaller hotel with less facilities in Spain as I understand it.
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  14. DarrenW

    DarrenW Active Member

    April, first time that early, looking fwd to a quiet break, kids can't wait, they want me to take them to pacha (7 & 10yrs old) lol
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  15. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Book until aug 12th!
    Something is telling me , It's gonna be ur best ever Ibz days :D
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  16. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    apart from the fact they're still a tad too young I don't think pacha will be open in april...
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  17. DarrenW

    DarrenW Active Member

    gets me off the hook then :) they'll have to make do with a selfie in front of the 'Ibiza' sign at the airport, and some overpriced soft drinks instead
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  18. MichaelH1992

    MichaelH1992 Member

    11 nights Aug 2nd - 13th. Destino with the pacha free entry . praying Solomuns +1 stays tbh !
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  19. Nobbie Q

    Nobbie Q Active Member

    11 nights at Destino in peak season? Damn man, you must be loaded lol
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  20. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    I thought the same. but hey, good on you michael! destino is a great place, I really like it. and yeah I think you should be fine regarding solomun...

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