Who are you voting for ???

actually Germany was barely affected - because they have a real economy built on solid manufacturing not consumer credit cards.

Brown/Lab squandered a lot of money during the boom years not least boosting the ranks of the public sector and, in particular, NHS bureaucracy - which is why the civil service faces such painful cuts now.

To repeat his boastful mantra NO RETURN TO BOOM/BUST (strange how that never gets mentioned now)[/QUOTE

Sorry, but in 2009 Germany had it's worst recession since the the end of WW2!! :lol:

It's manufacturing base was massively affected becasue it exports so much and everyone else wasn't buying!

However, i'm with you on the other two points.
yes Germany was in recession but it was far better placed to emerge from it and it did!


France and Germany may have been less hard hit than the UK by the global economic slowdown because their financial sectors, which were at the heart of the crisis, account for a smaller proportion of their economies.

which is precisely my point. We're too dependent on financial services in the UK and basically at the mercy of the gods...
not happy with Cameron scrapping tax credits for those earning more than £50k and the £250 for starting the child trust fund!!
I have a cleaner and shan't be voting Tory

Regrettably, Cameron is a lightweight.
You couldn't trust the Boy George with a five pound note(plus all that business with the cocaine a dominatrix has never been completely cleared up)

I, like many people this time, I suspect, am going to vote Lib Dem. The wasted vote argument is a stupid one, if I am voting for the party I believe most represents my wishes, the vote aint wasted.

A vote is a precious thing, people died for us to get one, and still die going to vote in many countries around the world. Don't waste it