What's the weather like at the moment?


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mix of sun & clouds the next few days, possibility of rain on fri and sun - but so far ahead the forecast isn't very exact/reliable usually. but yes, right now it does look like next weekend we *might* get some rain.

Normal weather for this part of the year. In october often better than september , as I remember.


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Sunny and warm today, a mix of sun and clouds (and even an occasional rain) on Thursday and Friday (was a welcome opportunity to do a few hikes).

One place I don't want to live in is San Juan - drove through it 3 times yesterday, and every time it was raining there!

There must have been a strong shower recently - the parking lot in Salinas turned into mud. Should have packed rubber boots...


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Most notably, it's darker for later into the early hours of the morning.

Here in California, we observe a time mechanism that alters the time on clocks watches etc for part of the year.

Anyway, soon enough we'll turn our clocks back one hour, but until then - it's dark pretty late. Well, later than it was earlier in the year.

Beside all that, there's a hint of autumn in the air, but only a subtle and vague one... It's not yet truly old enough for a sweater in my opinion, but I see people getting out their puffer coats and the store where I work is pushing hooded sweatshirts.

The air temperature is still hovering between 70℉ and 80℉ though through the afternoon. (Fahrenheit)


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That downpour was timed just right to give ma excuse to hunker down in bed for a couple more hours.


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tomorrow might get interesting. the balearic event at pikes has already been postponed (date tba). forecasts predict BIG amounts of rain. prepare for the usual funny pics & videos!