let's check what formula 1 world champion nico rosberg has to say...

Hey guys, it's Nico here! :) We are spending our Christmas holiday in Ibiza this year. So Vivian and I thought we'd show you how the island looks like in winter and what our favorite spots are. Also meet one of my best friends! ;) Wishing you all a great Christmas and a nice holiday season!! Enjoy the video!



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Are there any pics of the closed beach bars in PdB or Salinas ? Nassau is open , the others are closed I think. Must be a strange sight.
I saw it at the end of oct 2 years ago. Everything was closed , the chairs were still outside.
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A Beachwalk with a coffee break is not bad. I think there are not many people at the week.
Nassau is closing in January , I read. All the reopenings are in April . Is it right ? Maybe I go
for a few days at the end of April. If 90 percent of the venues are closed , its too boring for me
when Im there alone.


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you can be pretty certain that by easter week next year a lot of the places will be open.


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No... one of the many reasons why locals love that beach during the winter and stay away the rest of the time!
I noticed this past July that all the sand had been washed away from the little coves past Sa Trinxa. On the last trip in 2012 they were quite sandy, with plenty of space to spread out.

Is the sand back, or rather wa this erosion permanent or some type of seasonal/ cyclical action?