tim sheridan and smokin' jo (nastydirtysexmusic):

You both now live in Ibiza full time. What attracts you both to the Island? What is it like living there in the winter?

TS: Full time no, a good 50% is travel. The winter is quite special and not for you lot! It's mine! It goes green practically overnight around end of Oct....

SJ: I came to Ibiza in 1992 for the first time, I fell in love with it within a few hours of arriving. It’s a beautiful place; of course the sun, sea and sand aspect is a big thing for me, but also the free and easy feeling and lifestyle. The quality of life is just so much better, the food is better, fruit and veg taste like what they are supposed to. London for me became a place to survive not to live. I was just dj-ing and going to chill -outs till Monday evenings, taking loads of drugs every weekend because there is nothing much else to do. Of course there are plenty of drugs in Ibiza too, but I'd rather be at DC10, Bora Bora or at a villa party than in a cheesy flat in the east end with it p*ssing down with rain outside. Winters are lovely here. It’s very very quiet a lot of people find it too tranquil. For me with my hectic schedule to come back here and have peace , quiet and sun, yes it's still sunny most days in winter is heaven. Pacha is still open as well as an after hours club called Lucifer on Sundays as well as a few local parties, locals do like to carry on partying in the winter, which is cool.

( http://www.harderfaster.net/text/features/10834 )

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bruno lepretre (cafe del mar):

i:Vibes: What do you like most about Ibiza? and where are the best spots there?

Bruno: Ibiza is more than beaches and clubs. it's a magical place with spiritual vibes. People are open and tolerant, nature is everywhere.

i:Vibes: The island is only really open during the summer months, so what do you do the rest of the year?

Bruno: Summer is for tourists, the rest of the time it's a quiet place as it was before. After the summer, i have a more laid back activity on the island but i'm more busy playing in clubs or working on productions.

( http://www.ivibes.nu/index.php?article=2422 )



miyagi (flaix fm):

Blink! And you'll find yourself in a traffic jam on your way down to the egg in 30 degree heat, being passed by a crew of holiday makers on mopeds, all with the same colour crash helmets and bear chested, yep the summer. But what ever happened to the winter? Apart from winging, a lot happened, and for the ones who think that the island shut down for the winter waiting for the likes of Judge Jules and Garlands to turn up for the party to begin, well, how wrong were they, musically, Ibiza is the Mecca of dance and if it were not for the likes of the now very popular Grial Bar (Ibiza town), Lolas (Ibiza town), Pacha, Plastik (San Antonio) to mention but a few, they would probably be write, weekend culture is as strong in the winter as it is in the summer, the only difference is that in the summer, the weekend never stops.
For the ones who still enjoy the club/bar culture to wind down the woes, the winter in Ibiza is a haven for them, less people, less hectic and no record companies influencing what we dance to in the clubs, it is a free for all, with the bars playing every type of music from hip hop to jazz.

(the ibiza sun)

and you dont hear idiots without any music culture saying "i think that there should be a law or somthing to ban all non electronic music from ibiza"..........

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danny whittle (musical director of pacha):

What’s the main difference between Ibiza in winter and Ibiza in summer? Do you have preference?

I love the summer because that is what brought me to Ibiza all those years ago, but I consider winter now to be our prize for the summer. The summer is work work and nothing but work and it can at some points become quite rude when you’re walking past people without really having the time to speak anything more than a ‘Hello’. The people who live and work in Ibiza understand that so nobody takes offence they know winter we all get to spend time together we get to socialise and Pacha’s somewhere you can actually walk around and not get carried around by the crowd for a few months. So even tho I love the summer and I love the dynamics I consider winter to be the prize for doing the summer.

( http://www.ibiza-voice.com/news/news2003.php?id=322 )


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Nano Vergel (What's Up? resident):

But even when all the clubs are closed, in winter for example, the people here are still the craziest party people. Is it something in the water?

I've always played after hour parties here and in the winter they really are insane. I was resident at Konga for a couple of years [another winter after hours venue] and we would open at 7.30 in the morning and I would play until 10.30 in the evening.

I remember - it used to be dark again outside by the time we left!

Winter is more intense because the real serious party crowd spend all summer working. Then when summer is over there's a big release. Everyone gets together again and makes up for the time they missed.

from http://www.space-ibiza.es/news/2005/vergel.htm


alvaro velilla (pacha's label manager and dj):

Alvaro Velilla has been living in Ibiza for three years and he believes that the winter club scene in Ibiza is just as good as in the summer.

He says "there are hundreds of incredible secret places to go but if you're looking for some night action you'll have to wait until the weekend and people prefer to go home earlier to enjoy the island the next day."

"Most of the DJs who spin in summer play big dancefloor anthems. At Pacha, winter is for Andy B, Angel Linde and Sarah Main who usually play more underground stuff than in summer and create a fantastic atmosphere."

( djmag )


alvaro with andy b
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a shame it still gives the impression that the island is absolutely overrun by the clubtastic ones in summer. baddiel would probably have found things much the same had he arrived in august, especially where he was staying. we all know the island is big enough for many different groups of people to enjoy their holiday in the style they like........


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I agree Stephen, especially given the view that Baddiel apparently had when he says:

If you fancy an incredible house set into a cliff in the unspoilt wooded north of Ibiza, overlooking the endless unpolluted seas towards Minorca
:confused: That place must be built really high up to see over Mallorca


bruno again:

Ibiza has a reputation of being a party island with all the bad things that come with it. I personally always had the feeling that there is a special kind of vibe that has an addictive influence so that it sets the island apart from others. Is there more then just the clubs and beaches? Tell us a little bit about life after the season closes on the island.
The last 10 years, Ibiza was too much exposed to the media, specially TV which came to film the worst part of the night scene. For sure, they need impact so they rather show you the partylife rather than the peaceful part of the island. For sure, there is more than beaches and clubs in Ibiza and you will be surprised to know that there are more people coming to rest rather than clubbers who want to party. Ibiza has so much to offer but the best thing is that everyone lives in harmony. It's the perfect place for hedonism and spiritualism. After the season, the whole island is like a village and the local people enjoy it even more than during Summertime.

( http://veerle.duoh.com/index.php/blog/comments/interview_with_bruno_from_ibiza/ )

among other things, in that interview he reveals "I don't want to be the resident dj at Café del Mar anymore but I will still play there once or twice a week". as you might know, the other CDM regular djs are joan ribas (pacha), angel cielo (el ayoun) and also from last summer the young valentin huedo!! :idea:


a lovely time of year to visit. the beaches are nearly empty, the roads quiet, the restaurants have time to serve you and the sun is hot, hot, hot.
( Ibiza 23-30 April 05 )

12 noon on new years day and i was dancing in the sunshine, things dreams are made of! the next few days were spent winding down and reflecting on which was undoubtedly the best new year i have ever had.
( 23-12-05 - 03-01-06 unorthodox ibiza......... )

Walking into Pacha this time was not the same, it was not the same at all. IT WAS ****ING UNBELIEVABLE, ****ING AMAZING, ROCKING THE ****ING HOUSE!!!! Sorry for the expletives, but they are needed to emphasize my astonishment. Pacha was jumping! It was huge!

I cannot begin to describe how amazing Ibiza is out of a season - a completely different experience to summer but if you are after a chilled break (with a bit of clubbing thrown in for good measure) then it can't be beaten.
( Babs and Tom in Ibiza for New Year )


sweet sensation:
I love Ibiza out of season. This was the 2nd long w.e that we have been out of season and its completely different. I dont want to say winter cos I dont think it is! It was 25 degrees on the saturday thats not winter lol! We had a bit of cloud the other days but when the sun was out it was warm.
( Our pre-wedding March review! )


andreas simon a.k.a. hofer66 (dub magazine editor and dj):

Same procedure as every year… not?

The winter in Ibiza has, believe it or not, developed into a serious
alternative to the summer’s craze. We count with more than
130.000 people, living on this tiny little island the whole year
round, and since 2007, for the first time, there are more ‘non-Ibicencos’,
meaning Spaniards from the mainland and people from
other countries, than Ibicencos living in Ibiza. With the new
technologies like e.g. a finally really fast internet (which was not
normal 2 years ago...) there are more and more people coming to
Ibiza that can make a living out of being connected, e.g. producers
of electronic music, digital artists, writers etc.. This makes for
a really interesting melange of creative heads, exchanging their
ideas and like this multiplying their output. This makes the social
life during the 7 off-season months very interesting.
And I am not just referring to the nightlife, no, we had a fantastic
winter with a really mild January and February so the beauty
of this island showed up like never before. It is those endless
walks with the dogs on a beach, exploring the north over and
over again, visiting the few spots you never saw in years of living
here... and the people take it really easy. Sooner or later you
meet everybody somewhere and you get to know them as they
really are, not in the rush of the summer where nobody has time
for anything.
But let’s talk a bit about the nightlife... Once again the winner for
me is our beloved Grial, there seems to be a lot more space left to
grow, because this winter was even better than the last one, they
worked hard on lights and, more importantly, sound. Function
One is for me the best sound system there is, and in Grial you can
prove that very easily. I remember playing Wednesdays and people
coming to me asking: ‘Where is the subwoofer, where is this
sound coming from?’ Well, my answer was ‘there isn’t one...’, the
sound is just fantastic like it is, something both big or small versions
of Function One sound systems have in common. Respect!
The best parties were Sense every Wednesday, Twisted every Friday,
the few well-chosen dates of Industria, Jessica76 with a
different sound and, last but not least, Electra with their incredible
decoration. Pacha works well in winter too, for me the best
parties there were the HDI – House de Ibiza with Jordi Villalta
and friends and Houseworld.
PK2 reopened and they had some really good nights, this place
counts with a long tradition and is well worth a visit.
Lo Cuuuuuraaaa... This place is just magic, and I love it even more
in winter, as it really becomes a family story. The DJ booth is for
sure the smallest on the island, but is another proof that size
does not matter... From dub with love!
After hours? Yeah! Some serious mornings were celebrated in our
beloved Sunrise on calle de la Virgen with Monica69 and friends...

( http://www.phrank.org/design/dub-ibiza-0607.pdf )



james blunt again:

What made you fall in love with the island?

It's only since I've spent winter here I've really gotten my head around the place and fallen in love with it. That's when I really started to appreciate what's it's all about, those quiet times when no one's around. In the north there's such a pretty countryside with incredible views. It's strange when some people wonder what on earth I'm doing here in Ibiza. It may still have a reputation as a cheap package holiday destination to some, but it's so diverse and there's so much to it. There's a great slow pace of life here, great beauty to the countryside, great culture, great art and great history. An a lot of music. I love the cop and change of different ways of life here.

How long do you plan to stay in Ibiza?

At this stage in my life I'm really happy here and can imagine being here a very long time. I've not experienced that feeling before.

( pacha mag )

james, pete tong and roman fortunato (delicious) at l'elephant / tilllate


have you been out in the west end on a winters night in january when the Flower Power festival is on? well i kid you not, it is the best ive ever seen san an look, there were beautiful massive decorations all over town, people must have put alot of effort and work in coz it looked awesome, and just about everyone was in fancy dress. all the costumes were mainly 60's & 70's with it being flower power! there was a big marquee with music, and a band on the street going up and down on a float. and it was just happy happy times, ive never seen the west end so good! and everyone was just so friendly, and no nice!
( wonderful winter in ibiza )


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Seconded, thirded and more.

My few days out there on the 11th this month was arguably the most fun I had from all 20-odd trips I've now done there. It's a different world and utterly fantastic. I love the island in the summer, but it certainly makes me look at things in a different light.

Just wish I'd bought somewhere there in 2000!