Weekend Plans


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It's Independence Day here, but my family has elected to stay home in observance of social distancing.

We have several avocado trees, and thus have a few ripe avocados laying about in the kitchen with which I might make guacamole. I will need to buy salsa if I'm going to do that though; which is no problem. I have to pick up some shaving razors anyway.
You need to shave your avocados?!?


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Incidentally, in Spanish they are called los aguacates, not "avocados". The dip was delicious and the weekend was a success.

Last night there were fireworks late into the night; I just heard another one at 04:00 exactly and it's 04:02 now. Every year in my neighborhood there is a lot of this, but this year it was different in two ways: for one there was wayyyy more of it. Another thing was my perception of the festivity. Typically, I'm annoyed. Fireworks are illegal where I'm from, and with everything exploding in the air every five seconds, it seems like I'm surrounded my scofflaws and irresponsible citizens. Usually, I'm annoyed by the whole thing and wishing that people would just tow the line as we're expected to do. It's not hard, and there are little digital road signs put out by the police reminding people of the fine, fires every year, etc. that all make it easy to remember what you are and aren't supposed to do. People are quite literally ignoring that. And while usually it bothers me, this year I felt a little unity and solidarity. Sure, I know people are just looking for an excuse to be rebels, but also I think part of them loves the United States, and stand together against the pandemic. It felt different at any rate. :)


Currently chilling In the garden with radio 6 and my 3rd G&T of the day! Getting ready for our weekly radio show at 4pm, need to grab some new tunes off beatport and head to the studio in a bit. If anyone fancies a listen you can at codesouth.fm, kick off about 4:10 until 6pm playing house, tech house (sorry!) the odd bit of disco and techno.


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Well, the weekend disappeared quickly. BBQ was a success. Sunday was a write off.
Yesterday was a lazy day off. :lol:


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Friends and family can't even meet for a drink or chat.. this is for Joe 🍻 if you are into ink you would know his name...
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Have to bring my daughter into my friend who died few months tattoo studio to get her nose pierced tomorrow ☹ haven't been in with all the sillyness going on and we couldn't go to the funeral because of restrictions... His wife runs the business now.. looking forward to it and not at Same time...🙁