Weekend Plans


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When you can’t have the birthdays you originally wanted... have a house (zoom) party!! Meeting open all day for people to drop in and say hey 👋🏻

Matts is on Saturday, my 30th next Tues... massive alcohol delivery coming Thursday!!

Zoom? Is this something that you that you have to login or signup for?

I am about 8-10 hours after you so I will probably get there when everyone is already hung-over!!!


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2nd weekly Zoom quiz tonight, with 17 other couples. We lost on a tie break question last week so didn't 'get' to host this week.

If the weather is as advertised, spend the weekend in the garden with the kids, run 5k each day and maybe wash the car. Seems pointless when you aren't using it, but a good time to press gang the kids into helping, instead of paying a carwash
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The garden and sunshine is helping a lot with this current situation we're all in!

I locked into the Judge Jules stream last night, that triggered some great memories! The comments we're great, high spirits all round!


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We had beautiful weather all week temps up to 16 on Thursdays and Friday. Got cold again yesterday and pissing down now. It's a good thing as Sunday everyone heads our way for the beaches and Cliff walks....police were turning back none residents lasst weekend for a few hours..worked out pretty good