Weekend Plans

I'll be hitting Academy on Saturday! :D

If anyone is in Los Angeles/Hollywood and going, say hello if you like! Just look for the oldest guy in the room :p lol

I'm kidding, but I'm getting there... I'll be forty on the twenty seventh! :)
Well, I went, everybody! :) It's something of an ordeal... I get a little nervous/paranoid when I head out for the night. But anyway, once I got inside someone called Masteria was playing. He was good. One of my fellow clubbers looked like he wanted to dance with me though. I'm not used to that; it never happened when I was raving (same sex) years ago. I guess times are changing, but it wasn't a big deal anyway. And someone complimented my terrible shuffling and asked if I wanted to hang out! I told them"sure" and we did introductions, but I didn't have a hotel room to entertain them in or anything so we parted ways shortly after and I continued to work on my dance moves; which are truly abysmal. I can go one way pretty well, but when I try to switch directions it's over...

Here is a vid about the Melbourne shuffle if anyone ever wants to learn it. It's not important, but it's handy for when you want to look like what "they" are doing.
I learned from this video.

also, this is Masteria. If I shouldn't post his stuff in this thread, please don't hesitate to delete me! :)

Not sure if this is a good post for the thread or not. It's about my plans for the future. I am not going clubbing during lent or holy week. We're catholic, and it's one of the only things I actually participate in or observe; Lent. So I'm giving up going out to eat starting on the 26th of February (it's not much, but it's something...); and it would be a little (for me.. I know not all) inappropriate to be clubbing at that time; not because my faith is so holier-than-thou super-devout strong, but because my family is very observant of their faith and so I follow suit. After lent is over I am planning to see Ducky at mi club favorito en Hollywood; Academy LA. 🥳🤓🤩

I would post the flyer, but I don't want to hog bandwidth. She's pretty cute! :D


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Dublin tomorrow with the Mrs.. DK DJ set and not his New Jackson so expect a bit of everything and some Weatherall tracks as I say everyone will droping this weekend in honor of the man
nothing this time.

it's truly a rarity, though you know something... this last time I really enjoyed it. This site must be lucky. I feel like things are in perspective now.

I can't wait to do it again come April 11th. But for now, lent in 5 more days then. A month of that then the show.

Johnny Vodka

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2cb or not 2cb?, that is the question. Probably not, as have to pick up my shroom grow kit tomorrow and get it started. :cool:


Also need to try and get a decent run in on Sunday when the weather looks to be.. okay. Hard finding a window for running at the moment due to the wind and rain.