Weekend Plans


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Nice lunch at Shamarkanda, maybe Rumors tonight if Madame J is ok.. If not we'll finish the day at the Chiringuito with the usual suspects...
Boy am I looking forward to your review.. that's if you go back to France ? if not I will be waiting for you a the Chiringuito October 3...


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So a quick rundown of my weekend...
I was originally planning to go to a party on a boat in Amsterdam on saturday and attend a rooftop daytime party on sunday with Savage and She (look them up, melodic techno, afro house, deep house, they play at Sunset Ashram tonight and usually at Zoo Project). There was also a very special guest announced, but I was mostly looking forward to Savage and She.

Last Wednesday the party changed from daytime Sunday to nighttime Saturday but to a very special location, 50 meters above the ground in a harbour crane in the docks of Amsterdam. 80 people max. So I fomo'd and bought tickets.
We decided to to this the ibiza way and do both parties in one night. Arrived late at the crane because we had to wait for the boat to dock (that first party on the boat sucked btw)....but Savage and She just started their set in the crane. It was amazing. What an atmosphere, it was like a living room with approx 50 people looking over the skyline of Amsterdam. They played for 2,5 - 3 hours straight and then the special guest arrived: Adriatique. (They played at a festival nearby that evening)
Needless to say it was one of the most special parties I have ever attended.