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you must have been to the boozer ?
Swear down. Wife is pregnant and I've smashed the Brazilian jiu jitsu until now.

However one fu$ked left knee and a trip to my sisters, has seen me and bro in law at the sh!first pub around for a couple. First time this year. Felt great.....

Johnny Vodka

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Meeting a mate tomorrow for a couple of nights in the Lake District. Probably the 1st sober meet we've had (he's had to give up drinking.. and the other stuff too), so could be strange. He's bringing his kids as well.. Am I awful for wondering if I might grab a couple of beers?

This was us:

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So... After this great night, my body didn't want to sleep ?
At 11am I was at El Chiringuito, started with a beer, until.... Now ?
I slept but it also took a while my friend ?

off for dinner now and then underground....and dj tennis at solomun tomorrow. and then cocoon on monday. resistance opening on tuesday.