Want to know about the mysterious atlantis....look here!


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This is an excursion for the fit and healthy only. Atlantis is a beautiful beach opposite an impressive rock called Es Vedrá, close to Cala d Hort beach.

Location: Take the road from San Antonio to Cala d Hort and turn at La Torre de es Savinar to the beach.


Es Vedrá

The steep drop leads to a thin stretch of sand 250m-long leading to the old half-submerged stone quarry, a disused quarry where previously the sandstone blocks were removed for the construction of the fortress in Ibiza.


Do not look down!


Great spot for climbers


Stretch of sand


Do not miss the natural cave with a painted image of the God, Shiva, who is claimed to protect the cave temple.


Nearly there


The quarry








An excellent place for snorkelling


The trek back up the slope is a challenge, but worth the effort.

taken from space-ibiza.com
thanks a LOT Robo, I never made it this year as the humidity was imbearable and all we could do was sit in the car in front of the aircon....those piccies were amazing! :D
Ibiza-girlie said:
those piccies were amazing!

i thought you would say that place didnt look so good to me, too many rocks and stuff or it didn´t look as if the place was pretty at all!! :lol:


girlie - see you there next summer?

well....True for a while Mc Rackin but some other secret person on the spotlight sent me a couple of pictures too, and I must say I was surprised so yeah, you might end up seeing me there after all hehe

You can rent a boat with sailor and view both Atlantis and Es Vedra. On our website you can view the trip to Atlantis with Djin and Yvette :idea:

I heard it is possible to acces it by land however it is a steep climb and a long trail and in this area a lot of accidents happen with people falling in holes. The boat trip is a full afternoon daytrip, going by foot will take a complete day and maybe even longer. And you will miss the Es Vedra experience of course.
that's soooooo pretty, that's one of the things i definetly want to do... i figure take 3 days out of my trip to jsut see the island. When i heard atlantis i thought they were talingabout the lost city thing lol i was like WOW but that was just me being stupid :p
well thanks for posting and thanks Space-ibiza photographers
Im never gonna make it to atlantis unless i GET THERE BY BOAT! AND THE ONLY WAY IM GONNA GET A BOAT IS TO HOOK UP WITH SOME rich guy...but im already married to a not extremely rich guy (but the best) so= i wont get there
lol wait??? is it on the island???? and can you rent boats anywhere?