time warp 2018


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si son 18h igualmente algo de comida TAMBIÉN auyda no solo lo demás jajajaja
jeje si 18 hora es lo que me asusta un poco la verdad, pero como es la primera vez queremos verlo todo y oír a cuantos mas dj mejor, ademas el line up para nosotros es especial, nos gusta la mayoría de los dj, a mi me encanta Magda, nunca la he escuchado en vivo)


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I stand corrected!

was enjoying garnier at that time - he went nearly 2hrs over and played until almost 12 noon. fantastic scenes, and as expected he closed with the prodigy‘s out of space
I'd expect nothing more from LG. Can't wait to hear your reviews.. no pressure.. 😀


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I stand corrected!

was enjoying garnier at that time - he went nearly 2hrs over and played until almost 12 noon. fantastic scenes, and as expected he closed with the prodigy‘s out of space
How was LG set? Monsieur Garnier 🇫🇷


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I arrived around 3am and stayed until the end (no afters unfortunetaley) and enjoyed it very much as every year. I think one of the simplest descriptions is that Time Warp is just a very, very reliable good rave. But now I‘m still very exhausted ;)


Timewarp was great this year. Garnier,vath(surprisingly),lens and Hawtin were the standouts. Faki and maceo and nina/hauff were good.

Solomun is room 2 had a promising start but was clear he doesnt know how to play heaver well. He is so overated its beyond belief. We saw parts of cox and he was dreadful as per. Dixon had an off day for the tiny part we saw of him.

The production and sound this year was insane. So good. We lasted from 10pm to 2 pm.


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Footage of Garnier looks amazing. Even Dubfire and Troxler in amongst it 🆒
will put a report together at some point, but almost the entire list of artists that played TW passed by floor 5 at some point (either in the booth or on the dancefloor as seth and others did) during garnier's set. it was very very memorable.


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right ok...

if we do timewarp we usually go with a group of friends. this year it was only me and my wife which is a little unusal for us, but it turned out a great trip anyway.

got to mannheim just before 10pm saturday, left luggage at the hotel (we'd only booked the room for one night starting sunday but they didn't mind keeping the luggage the night before). had a big pre-club dinner at the hotel and just after midnight we were finally inside timewarp. I was lucky enough to score some bands which enabled us to go backstagte and on the stage too - we didn't really use it for that, but it's a handy one for toilet and bar situations - no waiting time anywhere.

to get into the groove we quickly scanned all floors and got a little bit of magda, margaret dygas, RV&CR and adriatique - who played the sublime ae:ther - arteon (dealing with god) - snippet here (that's from tulum though not timewarp

then we went to floor two for sven. great set - very techy and lots of new music. only a few tracks I already knew and one or two classics - one of them being this one - which is SUCH a tune still:

after sven we went to floor five for laurent garnier who was one hour into his five hour set (at least that was the official plan). now, as most of you here know, laurent hardly plays ibiza anymore - he's not played here in the past few years and it's no secret he's sadly not a fan of the island as us lot. so for me it was clear that I'd spend a big chunk of my time warp time listening to him, pretty much everyone else I can go and see here in the summer, not garnier though and boy what a set it was. typical garnier stuff which is a great mix of current tunes, older tracks, classics - the whole lot. here's a few ones I remember:

maceo plex & gabriel ananda - solitary daze
kölsch - der alte
kölsch - cassiopeia --> this one was around 10 o clock I think when he first seemed to finish...

...and then he started again and continued for another hour and a half. some disco classics, some more current tunes - then, if memory serves right, the penultimate tune he played was, with him on the mic saying 'guys, this is one of the tracks I've played here 25 years ago'
hardfloor - acperience 1

and then, to close it off, the prodigy - out of space.

during the almost 6 hours we were in that floor, lots and lots of DJs, promoters and industry people in general passed by, danced on the dancefloor or paid laurent a quick visit in the booth. the time warp team with steffen at the helm had also prepared some 'thank you laurent for 25 years' t-shirts which they all put on and threw in the crowd - I got one too. it was really a memorable morning in that crystal dome that is floor five.

once he'd finished we went back to floor two for a bit of hawtin - after the daylit session with laurent it was a stark contrast in the very dark hall that is room 2 but the music was great too and lots of hawtin lovers said it was the best they'd heard him in a long time.

for tactical reasons we left a little before it finished - easier to get a taxi. we went back to the hotel all the artists stayed in for a bit (with some of the artists) and then soon made our way to the afters which were held at das zimmer as usual. RV&CR were playing first, then seth a bit, then suddenly sven was on the decks (dropping the utterly beautiful &me - in your eyes) before he got harder.

my wife's batteries were empty by 7pm and I did the wise thing and left with her. I'm sure that without her I'd stayed for a lot longer, but it was a good moment to leave. back to our hotel, shower, dinner and sleep.

both yesterday and today we are feeling surprisingly fresh.

one of the best timewarps I've ever done. I think I've done 6 or 7 now and it just never disappoints. fantastic.


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Footage of Garnier looks amazing. Even Dubfire and Troxler in amongst it 🆒
Could you please send the link ?
Was also there , had an amazing time but don’t remember everything! What I remenber is that Garnier was like always ...AMAZING


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Review :

I’m Belgian but live in Barcelona so wasn’t suppose to go to timewarp this year till 3 days before when my friends ( that go there every year ) call me to say that they have spare ticket so check the flight and found one for very cheap so yes , took a plane to Belgium Saturday in the early afternoon back to my hometown to meet my old crazy friends ( they all have between 35-50 years old but still raving few time a years like me 😊) so like in the old days , took the car and drove 4h till timewarp! Got stop by the police 30 min before for drugs and alcohol testing , in Germany you have to be careful, they do urine test which mean if you took something even 4,5 days before you are positive , we were aware of that since we have been stop by the police 4 times before in the last 15 years or so ( get caught one time positive and they took my car to the pound and get a 800€ fine but it’s many many years ago ) so the driver was sober so no problem but we lost 1h so we went straight to the party and not to the hotel first ! The plan is always book the Sunday night only but drive to the hotel on Saturday night , park the car , have a few drinks, take a taxi to the event and back to the hotel by taxi Sunday afternoon , rest until Monday and drive back to Belgium , or the other way around like we did this year . Drive to the event , but leave the car there until Monday and do the rest by taxi . I said that because every year many many people that drive to the event get caught ( manly French -Dutch and Belgian ) and at the end spend there weekend in the parking waiting for someone sober to come to drive back the car and also pay the huge fine !

Anyway , we arrive at around 1 am , check a bit all the room till 3 am then Sven till 6 which was ok and then Mr Laurent Garnier , I have to say that I came almost only for him because:

1 In the past , living in Belgium I was luck to have the chance to see him 3,4 times a years as he was always playing there and also living in Ibiza during the summer time for some years when he was a we love resident @space

2 now living in Barcelona I can see almost all the dj I want except him as he play only sonar or brunch in the park but not every years

3 have had amazing time during the years past in the dome and this year was even more special as it was the 25 anniversary

So let’s all meet next year at 5 am to have the time of our life 😊

Waiting for my flight back to barcelona under the rain right now but back to the sun in a few hours , will help to not get depressive after such a good party !

Have a great week everyone

Peace ✌🏽