Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2021


Dates you were there:

Where you stayed:

Club nights visited:

Best night:

Worst night:

Best bar:

Best place to eat:

Best beach and/or beach club:

Money spent:

Biggest regret:

Going back?:

Top tip:


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Let me be the first!
On the other hand, there is not much to write about. Was a quiet and relaxed holiday.

Dates you were there: May 2nd - May 24th

Where you stayed: private property

Club nights visited:

Best night:

Worst night:

Best bar: the usual hangouts where closed

Best place to eat: nothing special as most places where still closed. Bar & Restaurant Llumbi in Es Cubells and Can Lluc between Cala Llonga and St. Eularia

Best beach and/or beach club: I didn't even bother to go to the beach. The Cala down from my house was deserted.

Money spent: OMG, this time I spent about 20k Euros. To calm down, this is including a new car which I bought

Biggest regret: sold my 22year old Seat Toledo. I'll miss you old fart

Going back?: sure, in September

Top tip: No matter what, no matter how, go to Ibiza whenever possible!! And if you stay for a longer time, just fly over to Mallorca for a couple of days and have a look there. You will never forget the moment, when you arrive back on Ibiza

Conclusion: it was the most relaxed and chilled time I have ever spent on the Island


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Dates you were there: June 17th till June 22nd

Where you stayed: Finca in the north, St Agnes. It's the best place in the world really...but for the first time I noticed the time spent in the car driving from A to B is getting annoying. Drove 600km in six days and that's just beaches, restaurants etc. Might go looking for a replacement that's more central on the island.

Club nights visited: Went to Blue Marlin for Eli Rojas, but there was hardly anyone in the venue, they didn't enforce the no-dancing rule really hard though, so if it was more crowded I think it would even feel like a club night / beach party. Actually, I have seen some footage from a new party at BMI on Sunday called Summerians (looks a bit like WooMoon) where there was a lot of dancing. So even though BMI is not really your cup of tea, it might be worth visiting. It's not really my cup of tea in terms of audience, but still I find myself there every year at least once. Last year Eli Rojas and Agoria and this year we just wanted to say hi to Eli cause she's really fun to have a chat with. Also went to Pikes House Party, which was fun but with low volume and no dancing...not really a party. Carvan Serai at Las Dalias was nice too but the no dancing rule was really strict at Las Dalias this time (compared to last year Namaste..). There was however one night where the no dancing policy was gone and I'll tell you guys all about it in the next paragraph..

Best night: The best night was definitely Friday at Sunset Ashram. Let's hope the GC is not reading this forum cause once Medusa Oddyssee and Bajhrami started pushing the tempo of the balaeric sounds up it went off! Chairs were pushed aside and diner with live music turned into a party with people clapping and cheering till around midnight. Even the crew was dancing and the vibe was magic. There was not a person inside that did not have a huge smile on his/her face. Best night on Ibiza, but also best night in months.

Worst night: No bad nights in Ibiza...but the Las Dalias Carvan Serai event was not really what I expected. Ana Tur, Alex Kennon and Goncalo were not really on the same line music wise and there was a guy with a flashlight shining you in the face if you stood up from your chair.

Best bar: Not really a bar, but went to Musset in St Gertrudis twice beause of the great coffee.

Best place to eat: Ses Boques for diner, La Paloma for lunch.

Best beach and/or beach club: Treated my girlfriend and myself to a luxury day at the beach at Tropicana Cala Jondal. Comfortable sunbeds and the Paella is amazing. Off course it does not have the vibe and the people you will find at Sa Trinxa. However I went to Sa Trinxa on Monday and it was really quiet unfortunately.

Money spent: Don't wanna know, flight tickets were leftovers from a cancelled September 2020 trip though...but even without clubbing it was expensive.

Biggest regret: Not really a regret...okay perhaps a bit... We did have a chance of going to a more underground villa party (not the ones they are advertising in the WhatsApp groups where you have to pay 100 Euros) but eventually decided not to go. The festival season is really kicking off in two weeks here in The Netherlands and therefor we decided this was gonna be a pretty much sober trip (anything stronger than Hierbas and Sangria was off limit). Going to a villa party was not gonna make that easy, so we just decided to stay at Pikes that night with a few drinks.

Going back?: IF the season fully kicks off...yes. Already checking out flight tickets for August and September. However, if the clubbing life is still altered and reduced by august or September I will not go on a third "quiet-ibiza-trip" in two years. I'd rather safe the money then and go back at the 2022 openings.

Top tip: Fridays at Sunset Ashram!
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