Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2021


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Dates you were there: 26/09-03/10

Where you stayed: hotel neraida, san an bay

Club nights visited: melon bomb @ pikes

Best night: melon bomb @ pikes

Worst night: n/a

Best bar: Cafe del mar

Best place to eat: tapas / sa capella

Best beach and/or beach club: n/a

Money spent: about £1100

Biggest regret: a week isn’t long enough

Going back?: obvs

Top tip : remember your bloody mask wherever you go!

Few observations aswell:

sunset strip is very busy as normal and there was a great atmosphere down there both nights we went down - really enjoyed it

san an bay/most of bars in san an were fairly dead tbh except the likes of ibiza rocks, linekars etc.

as perviously mentioned that stretch from hotel Neraida to OB is a complete mess. There’s a half built hotel, a hotel (red coral?) thats boarded up, so many shut/run down bars restaurants stood doing nothing

Pikes was unreal and was nice to have a dance

Cdm have been so so helpful throughout planning the big proposal and i even managed to got them to play our ‘ibiza tune’ so big shouts to them again

a week really isn’t long enough there’s so much you can do but when you’re there for a week all we really did was drink drink drink which leaves not much time for anything else🤣

mask situation is really quite strict in taxis, shops, hotel lobbies etc. Of course its good that the clubs can open at the end of this week but we found even wearing masks in a taxi was unbearable to the point a kept lifting mine off for a quick breather so i couldn’t imagine what it will be like in the clubs!

it was defs a different trip to how we usually do it obvs the clubs being closed and the vaccine rules doesn’t help the number of Brits on the Island but there was still a fairly large number i would say? We did have a day trip to SE and in contrast to San an it just seemed like a normal summer over there!

had a great time and would fully encourage anyone to get over if they can (but maybe avoid the Bay)

edit!! - forgot to mention the mozzies! Take your insect repellent bcos everyone was getting bit to bits:lol:
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edit!! - forgot to mention the mozzies! Take your insect repellent bcos everyone was getting bit to bits:lol:
THIS! They seemed much worse than any other year I've visited. Even my husband got loads of bites and the mozzies normally ignore him.

I wonder if it might be to do with the vaccine?


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weirdly I only got badly bitten once the whole week but my guess is north/east is less of a hotspot. didn't do salines either which might also explain it...


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Feasted on at Salinas after dusk yesterday evening. Otherwise, I've been left alone


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Dates you were there: 29/09-04/10

Where you stayed: The Ibiza Twiins, Playa Den Bossa

Club nights visited: melon bomb @ pikes, Electrica Santa @ Cova Santa

Best night: Electrica Santa @ Cova Santa

Worst night: n/a

Best bar: Base Bar, Ibiza Town

Best place to eat: La Brasa, Ibiza Town

Best beach and/or beach club: n/a

Money spent: hmmm not too sure about £1000+

Biggest regret: N/A

Going back?: Been every year since 2007 so of course.

Top tip : Don't listen to the media, there is dancing , you just need to know where to look!

So we went on a lads trip, 11 of us to celebrate my 50th birthday weekend. We had a blast. Pikes on Friday was good fun and you had to book a few weeks before online and they take €50 deposit for the table, but it comes off your bill.. Got there 7pm left at 4am.. cracking music melon bomb delivered.

Saturday night went to Cova santa. Was a minimum spend of €150pp on the main floor. (Again booked a couple of weeks earlier) food was finger food and pricey, €90 for a kebab, €36 for 4 small min burgers. Bottles of vodka plus 10 mixers around €300. That said the music was brilliant and the whole place was buzzing from about 10pm through to 2am. No photos allowed, they cover up you camera with a sticker and the bouncers are quite hot at spotting you filming if you do. Atmosphere was great, a lot of dutch out there at the moment but really friendly and chatty.

Sunday - Playa den bossa, went to Dunes Bar, was lively, although they were a bit more strict. Some of the lads punched on to Tantra where there is a back room, with dj's playing and everyone was having a good time.

Overall we had a blast, and came back partied out but in great spirits.. all the locals out there were great fun and whilst there weren't that many Brits, we did meet quite a few groups around the places we went.
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Dates you were there:
20/9-25/9 (With the mrs) 12/10-16/10 (With a mate)

Where you stayed:
TUI Magic life Santa Eulalia / Tropicana suites Bossa (Just cos it was cheap and quiet in October - I can imagine it being dreadful and expensive in peak season)

Club nights visited:
Los Suruba @ Las Dalias, Lust for laughs @ Pikes (Not really a club night I know)
Roger Sanchez @ Eden and 13 years of Woo @ Pikes

Best night:
13 years of Woo at Pikes. Everyone dancing on the sunset terrace and a nice crowd as you’d expect at Pikes.

Worst night:
Roger Sanchez. Not really bad but have seen Sanchez play so much better. Just found him quite cheesy throughout.. maybe Eden has something to do with that too 🤷🏻‍♂️

Best bar:
I enjoyed a few nights out at Paradise Lost and the bars and people generally in Ibiza town. Such a good buzz about the place.

Best place to eat:
Had lots of good food but the mixed fish grill at Jockey club was superb.

Best beach and/or beach club:
Salinas and enjoyed separate days at both Jockey and Sa Trinxa. Ibiza beaches in sept / Oct are a delight! So peaceful compared to other months as you’d expect.

Money spent:

500 with the mrs (we were all inc) and 800 when I went with my mate

Biggest regret:

Going back?

Top tip: The usual.. Get a car and and have a mooch and put a couple of full nights aside for Ibiza town.


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Dates you were there: 4th - 11th September.

Where you stayed: hotel cenit just love the roof top pool, the rooftop bar is a great place to have a few drinks on a night out. we opted for one of the 2 bedroom apartments. Really pleasantly surprised. Loads of space. Parking was a bit of a pain sometimes, we always seem to find somewhere near to park though. I’d probably book a parking space at the hotel next time though for convenience.

Club nights visited: Cova Santa for shadows. Great night, really good mix of people and ages.

Best night: Cova Santa. Great atmosphere and I love the venue.

Worst night:no really bad nights

Best bar: scandal and sunrise. It was so nice to see all of the bars in that area so busy. Tirapalla I never managed to get to it was always to busy when we get to it.

Best place to eat: Sa bresca, my friend really wanted a paella and they were happy to make one just for her. Really friendly services too.
On the. Other hand though we are at la brasa and that was not so good. Because we were just a table of 2 we were out out the back on the street, part of the reason we wanted to eat there was because of the beauty of the restaurant.
Best beach and/or beach club:best beach Ed cavallet and chiringay. We did splash out on a bed at Cala bassa not something I would normally do but it was a good day.

Money spent: no idea

Biggest regret: no really regrets didn’t manage to get to formentera on this occasion we just didn’t have time.

Going back?:been going for 20 years can’t imagine stopping anytime soon.

Top tip: get in the car and explore. Had some great mornings exploring random places like the abandoned night club.