See how this goes...Hallucinations

i saw water spurting out the roof in es paradis last yr-it wasnt a wter party nite,my mate saw a giant monkey dancing in front of him last yr,a few yrs s back another mate saw someones head coming out of a blokes chest,freaky!
Was in the Arches in Glasgow and saw this massive big Round table with loadsa drinks on it in the middle of everyone dancing. went to set my bottle on it, for it only to smash to the ground in the middle of a big group of people dancing. no table........bad craic! ;)
when Lizard was played at Amnesia for the first time and I didn't know what it said I was singing 'Gonna get ya Cheese Board' (mmmm I know, don't ask why!) and with that there jumped a cheese board across the main room! to read other people funnies...

A mate of mine, once thought that she was just a pair of eye's, no body, and she just kept saying to everyone "mind me, I'm only eyes"
lol, you have just reminded me, everytime my mates and i all get wrecked and i do mean really munched, one of my best mates neil's eyes close and he can't open them. now you may think this sounds a bit stupid but he actually can't. so funny to watch. :lol: :lol:
i story's of my self

but i do have one about my mate.

actually have 2 stories here

after a long session got back to the room mate start freaking out claiming he was being chase by a rat and it was trying to kill him.
so he was runing around the apartmetn for about 25 minutes before.
he got in the tiny wordrobe in the corner adn stayed their for over an hour till the rat had gone.

second story. same friend.

he is bit of bruce lee nut. so we got back to the hotel and he decide to climb the walls. as they where not to far apart. he got to the top of the wall.
and manage to turn the light off.
the best part is he wakes up adn can't remeber a thing. but when we gte out of the room the is a trail of footprints running all the way up wall.
but with one line of printer on each wall...well funny.
quality thread...!!
ive had a girl in san antonio that looked like a catwoman including tail that kept hiding...(purple ohm)
sat on kerb thinking it was a beach watching the waves lap at my feet (green ohm)
Jesters in a tree ( green ohm same night)
the oddest one was where i though i had a balloon stuck to my back and i couldnt reach round to get it off but could see it of of the corner of my eye and for some reason i was telling everyone i had just had an operation called a "strapadichtomy" so they should stop laughing...(penguin)

odd but funny looking back
what is the cause of these hillucinations? are any of you on any kind of drugs? acid?
i was on the little step in amnesia infont of the dj had a railing at the front. i saw somebody useing a payphone that was attatched to the railing!!!! ive also seen a cat run up a set of stairs in a club?!!!! or did i??
i once saw in black and white for about half an hour after a bong session....that was odd...
i do often see people with squiggles all over their faces.

and in Ibiza last year, laying on the bed, the light kept jumping off the ceiling, when i wasn't looking, and when i'd look up it'd quickly jump back there, that was quite funny!
Me too mate. i always see squiggles all over peoples faces aswell. usually when im past the point of no return though. :eek:
remeber my mate saying he got back fromn a heavy sesh one nite,as he got into bed he saw an old man sitting on the end of his bed only to disapper!!!!!!!
Once in highschool when I smoked some crazy weed, which shouldn't make you hallucinate but did :confused: I started picturing myself going through the various layers of my brain, all I remember is thinking that GOD please make it stop I swear I won't ever smoke weed again... :eek:

Later on in my life I had quite a few episodes where I would believe ashtrays would move as I was smoking my cigs that seemed to last for hours :confused:
what drugs have you all taken??, seriously.

i have never hillucinated but once when i was smoking some proper good skunk i was monged out and my head was leant against a mirror for about 20mins and then it started feeling like the mirriw was sucking me in it was scarey at the time but i couldnt be assed to move my head.