- San Jose gets tough on illegal activities -


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DC 10 IBIZA has 2 dance floors and a terrace that you must see!
There is a covered terrace with a side room where about 1,500 partygoers fit, but you do not go there for the decorations - the club is well-known for the crazy CIRCOLOCO parties on Mondays. Prepare for the most mysterious guests, underground techno and the wildest atmosphere on the island.

The DC 10 PARTIES in 2017 started with the annual NYD party on Friday 1 January 2017 and furthermore continue unabated, kicking-off their new season with a rousing opening party on Monday May 22nd 2017.

It will be exciting again, since the club was given a warning by the authorities over the past years, which means that the club immediately will be closed as the number of visitors exceeds 200........ the official number for which the club permit was issued.



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I wanted to have a go to Cathy Guetta party last year at Cala Moli,not as a fan but good contacts (Parisian Dj & her bro) work for her, mixing House there but they were only opened outside my ibz 17 summer.
i just hope to see my friend again ibz 18 at her party in some legal place :D (Lio ibz?Cala Moli or other beach bar)

ps:the kind of good contact that pm me after knowing i will go to Glitterbox closing, i got a free VIP glist for You.
ok, i gave this free glist to a UK spotlight :cool:
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