- San Jose gets tough on illegal activities -


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I never really realised just how quiet 65dbs is until I read that article in the Ibizan Sun, which said 65 is the same as normal conversation! Really? Also, a hairdryer usually runs at 70dbs!

If thats true, that that is crazy, that just background music, or muzac! :)

Does this effect Bora Bora and that beach club outside Jet? I haven't been to that part of the beach in PDB for some time now, so not sure whats happening there, in a way it would be nice to have a quiet beach back, but also it has always been known for being loud and that was part of the attraction.


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Kim Wrong Un

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am intrigued by the whole Musica Si phenomenon - is this just some casual online pressure group or are there serious players backing it behind the scenes?

[btw google Musica Si Ibiza not Musica Si or it'll bring up TVE's woeful attempt at Top of the Pops from decades past..]