San Antonio's New Direction

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New Direction

San Antonio last week began changing its tourist model, as leading figures of the sector met in the Town Hall. The process began on Wednesday with a presentation by consultants, Intelligent Coast y Advanced Leisure, of a strategic diagnosis of the current tourist and urban model, which will serve as a basis to open up a discussion on how things can be improved.

Mayor Jose Sala said change would not come overnight, but that the meetings were being organised to decide what alterations needed to be made, and how these are to be introduced. He continued that this type of open forum was the only way change could be introduced over the long term. He highlighted the Town Hall's desire to open a thermal leisure spa, as well as the need to create more green spaces within the town centre. He also highlighted the advantages the current remodelling of the port area would bring, allowing much larger cruise ships to dock in San Antonio, as well as clean up the bay of boats.

Both Serra Mayans, Councillor for Business Development, and Pepa Mari also attended the meeting.

A survey carried out by the consultants showed 12.54 per cent of people wanted to see more live concerts in the town when they next returned to visit, whilst 7.4 per cent wanted more parks. However, the massification of the town did not seem to cause a problem, finishing bottom of the list with just 3.68 per cent of people saying San Antonio was too crowded.

Nightlife came top of the list on activities provided within the town, whilst the taxi service provided to tourists also scored well, as did the welcome provided by the locals.

Of those questioned, 18 per cent came to the municipality because of the clubs, whilst 15 per cent came for the atmosphere, and 11 per cent for the cheap accommodation.
Of those questioned, 85 per cent were under the age of 35.



(this is the continuation to san an change)
from the ibiza sun:

Noisy Nuisances

San Antonio is to introduce new legislation to stamp out noise pollution throughout the municipal. The new regulation will hopefully be introduced in time for the summer, and will affect both residential and commercial areas.
The legislation will establish six different types of zone, from 1 or mute zone where no noise will be permitted, to zone 6 where much more will be tolerated.
As far as residential areas are concerned anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Firstly there will be a serious clampdown on those organising illegal parties in private houses. Fines which were previously set at a maximum of €250 have been increased to €300,000 for the most serious offenders. Those responsible will include the owners of the property, as well as the person organising the party.
Those people who scream and shout, and generally disturb their neighbours will also be liable for fines of €180-€3,000.
In addition the limit for carrying out work in the home, with high noise or vibration levels has also been changed, with work unable to be carried out from Monday-Thursday 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. with Friday and Sunday, as well as fiestas, from 10:00 p.m. - 9:30 a.m. However, Councillor Jose Ramon Serra Pilot said this timetable still needed to be studied carefully and there was a significant chance the hours could be shortened to allow work to carry on until midnight.
Boat owners failed to escape the new legislation, and those caught breaking noise pollution regulations, will also be liable for heavy fines.
:arrow: san antonio passes its noise bylaw
I think the parks idea would be great, as long as it doesnt get abused and left for dead by the west end massive :)

I was quite surprised at some of the percentages, until i got to the last sentance lol

TBH i think san an has to change, ive only been going the last 4 years, but ive noticed so much that could maybe improved.. as Mr Mayor said 'it wont happen overnight'. I do think the change could be for the better.
You have health and safety to thank more for the limiters than the council,
"The powers that be" have been trying to introduce them for years in clubs and bars all over Europe,
Work in most of the places here for a season, And you will have a degree of permanent hearing damage due to the high sustained SPL`s,
Mainly caused by poor system design,
A bit of thought and some fine tuning, you can still get it "loud enough" to knock the punter`s sideways without the staff going home with their ears bleeding,

Have a good one
Tim Basically the industry got away with regulating it-self for years, It didn`t behave (and H&S won), so ,,,,,
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I know many Hotel properties, especially in San An, that are located in residential areas. The small, locally run apartment style accommodation. I doubt their owners are happy with the new regulations. What clubber wants to stay in a "quiet zone" in San An???

It still wont stop drunken young holidaymakers shouting in the residential streets while they stumble around for hours looking for their hotel at 5am in the morning....or will police gag them too....
I have seen San An change over the years, things such as the promenade, new bus station, etc are all good things. The west end has CCTV , and whilst there is always a trade off it is still enjoyable. One thing I would like to see cracked down on and I am amazed the Police have not done so is the "looky looky men " and much more of a nusance are the Nigerian "hooker" girls, thay pester you everywhere .

Noise Control

All music bars within the municipality will have to be sound-proofed and have a sound meter, according to the latest legislation approved by Jose Sala and his team. The new regulation was first suggested at the beginning of the summer, but has now been made official after being approved by the Town Hall. Councillor Josep Ramon Serra Pilot said the legislation would ensure noise control throughout the borough, and be a very useful tool in the fight against illegal parties.

He continued that the legislation opened the way to the possibility of producing a "noise map" within San Antonio, something which would make everyone's life a lot easier.

The legislation does not just concentrate on businesses, however, and includes new laws for the general public in the domestic environment, including noisy animals, televisions and people.
Fish Sale

San Antonio marina is to have a fresh-fish market from this summer,
according to the director of the port, Gabriel Sanchez.

The Balearic Government has long been looking for a location
to help commercialise fish caught on the island,
and the building project in San Antonio has given them the perfect opportunity.

There will be a total of twelve huts built close to the marina,
one for each of the twelve regular fishermen using the port.
There will also be a storeroom next door so that all of them are able
to safely store their catches, before offering them directly to the public ...

Ten-year Plan

The Island Council and Town Hall of San Antonio last week presented a blue-print
for the future of tourism within the municipality.

President Xico Tarres said much of the content still needed to be discussed,
and called on unity in order to ensure that the projects would be able
to get the necessary financial backing.

The key elements of the ten-year plan are to promote sporting activities within
the municipality, with the construction of a golf course a prerequisite,
although the location has still to be decided.
Also high on the list were plans to promote the music industry in San Antonio,
with Tarres making special mention to "chill-out" music and sunsets.

Whilst Tarres did not comment on whether he was for or against the building
of a golf-course, he did say that the inclusion of a course in the plan had come
at the request of local businesses.
He continued that he was yet to be convinced that another course was the answer
to the island's needs, claiming Ibiza would never be able to compete
as a golfing destination.
However, he said if the Consell had to build one or two, it was important to be clear
where and why.
Despite his reticence, he asked for consensus between the Island Council
and the Town Hall, the former dominated by the PSOE and the latter by the PP,
in order to ensure that the necessary money was granted for any projects
which were finally agreed.

The ideas are based on a study carried out across the municipality by
the independent consultants, Intelligent Coast, back in October 2009.

The report insists on the need to make more of San Antonio's beautiful coastline,
especially the sunset and the views towards sa Conillera, just two of the features
which make the municipality "special and unique".
The extension of the promenade all the way to Cala Gracio, which already has
the necessary permission, was also highlighted as a must.

The reorganisation of the bay will also be key to a successful future
according to the report.
The authorities need to put a stop to the random mooring of boats off the coast,
whilst nautical tourism has to be better promoted.
To this end they suggested relocating part of the port to the north end
of the current quay, to help limit the uncontrolled mooring within the bay,
and also to enable larger cruise ships to be able to enter the port.
On this subject the report also called for the urgent regeneration of the sea-bed
to take advantage of the flourishing scuba market.

The report also claimed the rustic beauty of the countryside needed to be cherished,
and used as part of the promotion of the area.
Rural activities had to be created, and all businesses begin to care more
for the environment and introduce new, more modern technology.

The review argued that San Antonio needed to work more with the Island Council
and integrate itself further within the general marketing of the island,
and not try to sell itself as a separate destination.

The general idea is to improve the competitiveness of the municipality.
Amongst other projects, this will involve the use of ses Variades as a leisure
and relaxation area, according to Mayor Jose Sala.
This will include indoor swimming pools, and spa facilities,
although Sala did not want to reveal too much due to the fact the land in the area is,
at the moment, in private hands and so much negotiation needs to take place first.

The key, according to Intelligent Coast, lies in developing the quality of services
both in the town centre, and across the municipality, via the creation
of a new brand "small & friendly", which would be based on improving service
and getting to know the customer better.

To this end Tarres called on the hoteliers in the area to slowly increase prices
over the next few years, by merely one euro every season, to try and get away
from the cheaper-end tourism, adding that the price-cutting which had taken place
over the last few years had not helped the area.
Ten-year Plan
... Tarres called on the hoteliers in the area to slowly increase prices
over the next few years ...

sounds like a brilliant idea you brainiac :lol:
Clamping down on private house parties? How retarded. The council is really trying to turn it into a silly family resort aren't they?
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