Restaurant reviews 2015/2016

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Royal India - Santa Eulalia is a newish Indian eatery. Avoid, food is terrible, edible, but no resemblance of curry. My chicken bhuna was a joke. I said to the waiter it was the strangest bhuna i had ever had, he simply grinned and took my plate away!

In contrast, Taco Paco on the main road into Santa continues to serve great Mexican food in a lovely environment, booking at weekends is essential.

Also big shout out to Ritas Cantina in San Antonio, the best club sandwich on the island and very reasonably priced.


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Stumbled upon El Patio randomly while trying to figure out where Comida Bar San Juan was, but Im glad we did. Very attentive service, dishes seemed to arrive timed perfectly as we finished others. Out of all the tapas we had this was my favourite, shout outs to the dates with bacon and the aubergine in breadcrumbs.

Also loved Tapas in San An, but plenty said about that here already. I'll just concur with all the other rave reviews it gets. It was quiet when we went but I can imagine in busier months its really buzzing. Two of my pals are real foodies and were awwing and ahhing a lot which I guess is a good sign.

Was a bit gutted to find Can Pilot shut having spent weeks salivating over pictures of meat on the internet, but plan b was Es Tanco and couldn't fault the pizza there. I polished off my mate's too.

Found Bar Llumbí too, had a very decent tortilla española, the staff were lovely, and the view is breathtakingly stunning. Thanks again @Namaste !

Tried to go to Can Curuné after Benirras (having done so in early May 2014, although it might have been a Thursday night last year) but I decided to let the crowds die down at the beach after a hairy experience a couple of years ago trying to get my car out in the mad rush (@Pablo Montez Junior!). It was obviously not busy enough for them to remain open, or maybe they dont open Sunday night? Bit strange, id have thought there would be a lot of passing trade from Benirras. Anyway didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts as my pal was about to wet herself so we made like a banana and split....

... back to Ibiza Town, and hurriedly picked one of the spots in Plaza del Parque, Herrys I think? I have to admit out of the tapas spots we picked this came 3rd, I thought the portions were a bit meagre compared with the other two joints but the food itself was tasty. As far as I can remember all three were about the same cost wise. Again the staff were friendly and attentive.

Bar Costa was great as always.

Last night we got the degustacion menu at Casanita in Es Pujols for €37 per person, which considering was 4 courses and a bottle of wine between two was superb value, and when my pals ordered a limoncello they brought out a bottle of hierbas and something else as well and just left them on the table. Lovely restaurant and lovely people. They even gave us two big bottles of mineral water as my mate got badly sunburnt during the day and there were no supermercados open, tried to pay for them but they were having none of it. Would definitely recommend this gaff.

Quite easily the best eating I've done in Ibiza (and Formentera), wasn't even fussed about not making it out to any clubby type stuff.
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Have to say Home Loos this time round was not as good as it has been in previous years but still great service from Michael and the team


I think i saw it on spotlight but not certain.

Is there a tapas in Ibiza Town where all dishes are €1 on Thursdays?


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It (Pintxos) was absolutely rammed when I went last month, and that was in early April.

Quite a few of the other tapas bars were doing reduced price pincho/pintxos too. Not sure if they do it once the season starts. I particularly liked the ones in Mar a Vila in Ibiza Town.
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