Rate The Hotels You´ve Stayed In In Ibiza!


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rate it from 1- 10 - 10 being the absolute best!

I stayed in Piscis Park - Obviously 1 star (unclean, dirty, beds horrible, maids stole our stuff, pool was gross, too many lager idiots ect...)

Sol Y Mar - 5 stars - Good location overlooking the newfounded beach just near the egg. No poolm, reception or fascilies - not good, but it was clean and comfortable, so....

Hostal Norte - 3 stars - Kind staff, good snackbar but horrible overheated small rooms and no water sometimes. The bathroom was o.k but I had to stare at 3 british pale white arses through the window, so my view wasn´t obviously so good!

Hostal Marina - 6 Stars - The best place so far - But also very loud and cheap. Clean - beds no good - fridge and aircon, so well equipped. Price were very reasonable. had no exterior fascilities, but good location!

This year - Catalina, hoping for the best!
Piscis Park hotel - first year I went to Ibiza so got a cheap last minute booking, $hit hole, but as I was only a young puppess then didn't really care, still would give it 1/10.

Hawaii hotel - nice hotel in the Bay, problem was a few too many 'normal' people but pretty decent 6/10

Palmyra hotel (stayed there 3x) - again nice hotel in the Bay, got happy memories of ths one cos it is hotel where me and Tom were both staying the year we met, decent food so 7/10

Paraiso hotel (sp?) - stayed here for Millenium, served the purpose for the trip but wouldn't stay there again in the season just cos of it's location in San Antonio Town 5/10

Jet appts (stayed there twice) - one year the room was ok, the other year room was dirty and didn't feel safe, but fab location 6/10 the first year, 2/10 the second year

Bahia hotel (stayed there twice) - great hotel in San Antonio Bay, all shiny and new, first year used to have Ministry pre-parties there, saw Morales without top DJing there :p ;) , lovely rooms, good pool, only reason I wouldn't stay there again is cos it's on 'wrong' side of island for us but would give it 8/10

Es Vive - lovely hotel, good location between Playa den Bossa and Ibiza Town, nice pool and bar area, 24 hour bar :D good food, decent rooms, good crowd of people there definitely 9/10

And then in September staying at Bali Beach appts in Playa den Bossa, look lovely on this site so got high hopes for this one :D

And I think that's it :p
...uhh forgot I also managed to stay for one nite at the hotel next to Piscis Park by mistake as my firends stayed there and we visited! cant remember the name of the place, anyone got a clue!
Hostal Norte....3 out of 10
La Sirena....6 out of 10
Sol Bay...i will let you's all know in 2 and a half weeks time. ;)
Ibiza-girlie said:
Seanbelfast, uhh 3 start to Norte as well - that place was so bad, but the poolarea was really nice though!

The rooms where like jails but i didn't care as i was on my first experience of IBIZA and it was rather large........
hehe the first one is allllwwwwaaayys overwhelming, i can remember mine like yesterday!
roomsl ike jails, yes there were indeed!
visabella villas - 9/10
gorgeous villas, in the hills, pool, lovely german couple owners, very quite, NO KIDS, terrace to have a bbq WOW WEEEEEEEEEE

otherwise used to stay at this flat my mate who lives out there owns for cheap as chips like £100 for the week

he sold them 2 years ago :evil:
paraiso 6/10 clean rooms 3 pools, good pre parties, bastard secruity and very noisy and no air con

tampico 5/10 stupid mix of groups couples and families

monterey 6/10 for stupid stupid location other than that good staff good pool area

sa clau 2/10 no air con or pool and overlooks a strip of restaurants and is slap bang in the middle of the west end i feel sorry for them restaurant owners

la sirena 8/10 large rooms very quiet and relaxing complex

sam fora 1/10 pikey

apolo see above
Niko Apartmentos, Sta.Eulalia - absolute pants -
dustbin collection 4.00am
street cleaning 5.00am
friggin parrot 6.00am
hot water enough for 1/2 shower for one person each day
rep useless - I asked for a shotgun to kill said friggin parrot but was refused so three months later I crept up on the sodding thing in the afternoon when it was asleep and banged on it's cage and made it fall off it's perch - don't get angry, get even :twisted:

Apartmentos Buena Vista above Siesta in Sta Eularia/Cala Llonga area - hmmmm - one bedroom accommodation on the side of a cliff - adequate

Hotel Fiesta Playa d'en Bossa - good food, good pool and good position and a very sociable manager - but some aircraft noise thought I was not bothered and only stroll through gardens to beach

Hotel Cala Nova Fiesta
been there about 20 times so it would be churlish to criticise in any way - first name terms with the manager, ex manager, assistant manger, ex assistant manager, bar manager, restaurant manager etc
went there on opening day 1st May this year when I was staying elsewhere and the manager saw us and invited us to dinner as a freebie complete with a very decent bottle of wine

Must mention John Wren in the Queen Vic in Sta Eulalia - very English pub which is great out of season when the locals bring in their produce for sale on a Saturday - great bloke and always helpful to all ex pats
Hostal Anibal 3/10 Nice little place (as I remember it, It is some years ago I stayed there). The rooms are just way to hot and no where to keep your water cool.

Piscis Park hotel Well 1/10 nothing good to say really :!:

Hotel Royal 4/10 Small rooms but really close to everything in westend so didn't have to do very much walking that year :D The rooms had aircon and a frigde.

Hostal Mantana 2/10 Small hot rooms but cheap so... well all you need is rally a bed :)

Apartments Orosol 4/10 Nice staff. No aircon again but kitchen and so on. But really hot rooms.

Apartments Es calo Playa2/10 Some off the rooms only have a thin door between them so you can hear almost everything the person next door is doing :rolleyes:

This time I'm staying at Los Angeles so I'll let you know :D
Var Es Calo Playa virkelig så hæslig, Alicia?
Hvem rejste du med der udbød netop dette hotel?
Vi skal med Ungrejs denne gang og deres hoteller stinker også for vildt ind imellem! :x

Men skal jo bo, som du ved, på Catalina - fed udsigt, men sengene og resten er sikkert noget møg igen-igen haha!
I cant remember the names of any hotels i've stayed at apart from the apolo!

TO be fair though in the last Three years i've usually stayed in villa or pvt apartment, much better than hotel all round...........
Well .. we stayed at the Hostal Rosali .... and, for the last twenty years have always been to the Greek Islands for holiday and so are used to tiny little unkempt places which hardly any facilities, so it was a treat to get somewhere with shiny bathroom fittings .. a BIDET, AND a BATH !! No air conditioning but I'm used to that because of Greece ... prettybasic but very very clean ... couldn't ask for more really.

The bar/snack bar downstairs was lovely ... extremely friendly and particularly friendly to clubbers, with use of microwave offered for one party of people.

Pool was small .. but hey, I'm only 5ft 1 so I was a winner!

For somewhere cheap to stay, would certainly recommend Hostal Rosalia in San Antonio!
Klippe Appartments - San An Bay
Loud, fun hotel with pool but shit location which resulted in swolen ankles with all thwe walking. Beach just accross road though. Crap Beds (broke mine by jumping up & down on it). 6/10

Monterrey - San An Bay
Last min hol, had a seperate bedroom the rest of the room which was nice although i was the only one staying there as my mates were over the otherside of the sea. Clean hotel though with a lovely view of someones back garden. 4/10
Hostel Torres - San An Town (also spent lot of time here as mates were here) nice rooms excellent location as close to sunset strip but the hotel ppl would not let anyone stay over. 7/10

Orvay Appartments - let you know soon (just hope this one has a fridge)
good to know where ill be booking my place next time, definately gonna check out the Bahia place and a few others mentioned above in your threads! :D
Ibiza-girlie said:
good to know where ill be booking my place next time, definately gonna check out the Bahia place and a few others mentioned above in your threads! :D

Bahia isn't as good anymore, the first year it was only available to book direct or in Ministry brochure so you got loads of clubbers there, fab pre-parties etc, then the 2nd year it was in Ministry and one other brochure so you started getting a few families and a beer boy element and there was less to do clubwise altho Garlands did have one of their free parties there.

This year it is in loads of brochures and I know someone who stayed there a few weeks ago and it's just like any other hotel now in San Antonio Bay, families, kids splashing in the pool while you are trying to chill, a few nobs around, football towels over balconies :rolleyes:

I really liked it the first year when everyone who stayed there seemed to be clubbers but I probably wouldn't spend the extra money it costs now.