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Man i aint got no poker skillz either, Me got lucky once so be4 i gamble it all bak i thought its time to hit the high seas...

I think its coming close to the final post cause after spending 2 weeks traping around bout 20 appartments and numerous estate agents i finally turned on the radio to hear of the Ibizapropertyshop... They run by english people & thought id give them a shot. Arranged to view 4 the next day and at 10.30am we went for the excursion. All appartments looked the same to me just depended on location but the 2nd place we checked out was a bungalow. It same sort of size as appartments but has out door space. I knew i was looking for something different & paul the agent said take a day to think. Unfortunatly i hit the west end & walked in2 joe spoons were after 2 pints of guiness it was decided. I got on the blower and made my offer... The owner of the property is in england and used it last 20 years for holiday gaffe. He accepted & as he does not live there %my rental runs out soon he agreed to fly over this friday and all being well i will be in the same day im out of the joint i rent now.. Although u always gotta expect the unexpected but i live in hope.. I aint here to advertise for the ibizapropertyshop but these guys have been 1st class.. Basicially they took me by the hand and brought me to notary, got nie number sorted and have helped tremendously. As they from England they say they are here 4 people like me who aint got a baldy were to start. Which took away all the hassle & left me with more time in becoming an ibizain. So all being well, next tuesday il have completed this journey in2 unknown but it was worth it.. I can only recommened to any1 thinking of doin it that u just gotta get up & go 4 it.. Im a dumb irish bloke.. If i can any1 can....


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Just found this post and been reading through your tale - I am so pleased that everything has worked out for you - I really hope you settle and find happiness in Ibiza - really chuffed for you mate!!!!

Maybe one day I will have the balls to sell up and jump ship ........:lol: :lol: :lol:


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hey man this all sounds good. im from belfast myself and jsut back from a 2 week holiday in ibiza, trying to get back out asap. if you have any rental sites you could throw at me id apprecaite it.


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wow - great read, please keep posting! so jealous, i've got similar aspirations but nothing behind me to put it into place but i swear one day i'll get out there on a more permanent basis.


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All i can say is cheers people.. I hope yous do some day decide to do it, For me it was last winter. I just couldt face being pissed on 340 days a year anymore. Its pretty simple and all of it can be done on the internet. As my favourtie author wrot( Hunter S Thompson ) BUY THE TICKET, TAKE THE RIDE..... - HST Is writer of fear and loating in las vegas for the none junkies among us...

Well to be fair it is simple to a certain point. The banks held up gettin money sent over to my new account here and followed by the seller of the house saying he cant make it till next friday iv now had to sit back and just watch all the topless itilians sail by. He has let me dump all my gear into the bungalow which has freed up my car so any days i aint hit the Guinness iv been fishing on all corners of the island. Man I love this Place...

For rentals man its best just to google search and dont go for 1st site u see. U can find some nice places on loads of different sites.. Ibizapropertyshop do lots and they are nice and affordable, The latest one iv got off them for 1 week is rite above cafe del mar over lookin sunset with air con & tv for 335euro which is good for high season..

Once i move in i intend on gettin a dog as mine died in belfast last chrimbo. Im looking a golden lab ( best dogs in world ) all i see out here are springer spaniels and pitbulls thrown in with some funky dalmations. Iv asked around to see if any1 breeds dogs but no 1 has labs so in august im considering flying home to get one as i know a few people at home who breed full pedagrees,

Again thats all for few more days. Patrica i still aint heard from you.
Anyone floating about or ul prob find me in the irish pubs. Until next time keep it real and remember, Use a condom


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Superb read mate!

Insperation to the rest of us, like myself i want to move to ibiza, im 18 now and looking to move at about 22/23 with a mate of mine, maybe start a bar!

Hope everythings good for u m8



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yep fantastic. i guess its just about having the balls to get up and go. thinking about it and planning never works.


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Good stuff.. Il mabe catch u´s out here...

Good luck to yous. Follow ur hearts and live it through. Il look 4ward to hearing your stories of shifting gears.

Dont get me wrong regards the planning. I would have to agree & suggest for any1 making a move to plan it throughly, I spent a few months planning but most was done by just sitting at the computer. What i meant was you can plan as much as you like but having your feet on the ground make´s it easier. I arranged a week of viewing gaffes before id set foot on the white isle, and made usefull contacts.


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Delighted thimgs have worked out for you mate..ive ust returned and had a great holiday,if i was to move to Ibiza it would have to be permanent as with my job i couldn't do the summer workers thing,it's maybe something ill look into in the future as i plan on learning Spanish not 100% fluently but quite a lot,keep us up to date on how you get on :)

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Brilliantly inspirational story :D

I ache to live in Ibiza, I love the place

Just out of interest, roughly how much money did you win at poker? Also roughly how much money did you come to Ibiza with? Im presuming you have no debts :)

I have loads of debts
so think thats going to be a big thing thats stopping me living there for a few years!

Maybe I should take up poker, got any tips? :rolleyes:

Keep us posted


Hello PistolC,

I have just spent the best part of an hour writing a message, clicked the wrong key and lost it...........arghhhhhhh

I will try to remember what I wrote and write it in Word before making a new post entitled FROM SHEFFIELD TO IBIZA.



My story..............FROM SHEFFIELD TO IBIZA

This is my story so far…

When I was twenty eight I bought my first house in Sheffield, a dilapidated but huge villa type terraced in a run down area. Looking back I don’t know how I managed to get a mortgage as I had an overdraft and a student loan debt. It must have been through the skin of my teeth. I had a good feeling about the house and the area and paid £44k for it. I renovated it (now have the hands to prove it), filled it with lodgers and sold it to a property rental company for £177k four years later when the area boomed.

My ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to escape dirty double decker buses, drizzle, oppressive office jobs and office politics, gloomy news reports, wintry summers, shopping centres, traffic lights and puddles was not going to pass me by. I took a trip to Ibiza and bought a top floor apartment next to Pacha.

When I got back to the UK, I sold most of my possessions on Ebay and bought an orange 70s speed boat on a trailer. I held a forecourt sale outside my house for two weeks and amazingly only one thing was stolen! I made a boat cover out of banner material the night before I set sail and luckily had two sewing machines as one couldn’t take the heat;)

Saying goodbye to my neighbours, the local shop keepers and my lodgers was heartbreaking and I still miss my old home to this day. I loved my lodgers (well some of them!) and miss living the communal life. We’d go out together or all squash onto one sofa to watch a video. However, I wasn’t getting any younger and I didn’t want to end up as the cranky old landlady in the attic.

I loaded up the boat with the rest of my things, hooked it onto the back of my old MGB and set off with my two companions, one was a friend taken on board for company and help in emergency situations (rubbish company and didn’t help when the boat came off the trailer nor when the car broke down) and the other was my 16 year old Yorkie dog Nellie (good company but not at all helpful). We drove through England and France and across to Barcelona, missing two ferries due to my friend wanting to take the coastal, difficult route, hence the boat coming off the trailer! Luckily it only half came off during a particularly steep climb up a windy road otherwise all my things would have ended up in the sea.

I lived in my apartment for a year and a half and had a good time. My time was spent going for long walks along Talamanca beach collecting shells, wandering around Ibiza Town, going to Pacha and Lucifer on Saturdays, renovating the apartment, getting to know people of all nationalities and watching Der Batchelor in German with my lodger Bianca whilst dressed in pjs and eating huge amounts of chocolate (funnily enough Blind Date is one of the things I miss about England!).

Using my design and renovation skills I landed myself a job as an Interior Designer managing a villa renovation project. I created a new design, supervised workers, painted walls, renovated furniture, made artwork, sourced ornaments at San Jordi junk market, dragged home huge amounts of driftwood to display, made curtains, recovered furniture, planted plants, made swings, did lots of mosaicing, ordered new lighting and flooring and generally got my hands dirty.

Unfortunately I also became acquainted with the man who came to lay concrete outside. Within days he had virtually moved into my apartment and soon after persuaded me to sell it in order to buy a house with him with promises he owned land and property, had lots of money and earned lots more. On NYE 2004 he proposed and a few days later I discovered I was pregnant.

A few months ago I finally found the courage to cut him out of my life as he was a horrible partner and seriously mistreated me and neglected me when I was pregnant. He has something wrong with him mentally, ranging from being a 24/7 passive aggressive male to being an outright psychopath (no empathy, no remorse, no compassion, compulsive liar, no conscience). I didn’t want my baby girl living in an unhappy environment so I went it alone. I receive no financial support from him and don’t want any. I’m happy to just have my baby and not have to see him. I hope things remain the same.

With my apartment funds depleted due to having to keep him for a year and a half (he earnt nothing, had no money, the land was a worthless piece of scrubland and the property was in his name only for tax reasons) I had to do something pretty quickly.

I bought a shop almost as soon as I became single. I had seen the shop a year earlier and I had said to myself that if ever I was to buy a shop it would be that one. I had a good feeling about it. It is going to be an antique shop selling vintage handbags, art glass, studio pottery, ornaments and lots and lots of lovely vintage jewellery, some of which I will redesign in the little workshop at the back of the shop. People have told me the antique market is finished and that I am mad to get into it. However, I have a good feeling about it and I always like a challenge. I never do what everyone else is doing. It’s a huge risk but I have a passion for it and believe in it.

There is a lot of work to do as there is no electricity, plumbing, flooring or even plaster on the walls. Work will start in a few weeks but the shop will not be open until next spring so I will be living off home made bread and orange marmalade in the winter! The shop is going to be called Lottie Bogotti (my nickname for my beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired daughter Lottie who was one years old yesterday).

My rented house is in the middle of a farm in San Carlos. It is very small, hot and at any one time I am battling against one insect/animal invasion or another. No doubt it will be very cold in the winter with only a log burning stove for heating (driftwood missions are coming I think). However, most days I take my wicker basket to the field round the back and pick oranges, lemons, melons, grapes, onions, potatoes, lettuces, avocados, peppers, beans and tomatoes. My neighbours are all lovely, as is my landlord and his family. There are no double decker buses driving past my front door and when it rains it is so exciting it makes up for having no television reception.

Although I live in the party capital of the world, I don’t go out very often. When I do go out though, I really go out. If you’ve ever seen a woman dancing on the sacred podiums of Pacha and managing to stay up for over fifteen minutes before having her ankle squeezed by a reluctant bouncer, it was probably me. Usually though, my only trips out without Lottie are my fruit and veg expeditions while she sleeps.

The boat was stolen shortly after I arrived in Ibiza but that was a blessing as I would have spent a fortune renovating it. It only cost me £150 and it therefore made an excellent removal van, apart from its little slip! My MGB is stuck in a ditch waiting to be sold but I much prefer my plastic sky blue jeep with its constant splattering of pigeon **** and floor covering of portable beach. Little boys think its great too and are often seen pointing and shouting ‘Thomas the Tank Engine!’.

It is a proven fact that if you take risks in life and set challenges for yourself you are more likely to live longer. Nothing is forever. You never own anything forever. Your life will be filled with changes whether you instigate them or not.

My advice is to always listen to your gut feelings and follow your instincts. Your guardian angels may be trying to tell you something so don’t ignore them;)

However, before I have half of Britain packing its bags and due to arrive at Ibiza airport in four hours, you can’t act on instinct alone. Once you have the feeling you want to move away, you then have to make sure it’s a move for the better. Coming to Ibiza with a few thousand euros and faith in your abilities will probably buy you an extended holiday and some good memories, but inevitably a return home empty handed. Some get lucky, no doubt, but most others will struggle. Lots of people want to live here but not many can. There are more capable and willing hands in the winter than there are jobs. If you want to come, either have enough money to survive a few years and be frugal or get an all year round job before leaving.

To finish my story so far, about eight years ago I can remember standing and looking back at the marina area of Ibiza Town and saying ‘One day I will live in Ibiza. One day I will own an apartment in Ibiza’. My boyfriend of ten years obviously had less faith in me than I did and split up with me over the phone shortly after our holiday, saying I had no money and would never go anywhere in life. He was made redundant shortly afterwards and still lives in Manchester. In a recent email he sarcastically asked me if I had moved to Ibiza because of reading Driving Over Lemons, probably assuming I had moved here for the clubbing. I had read Driving Over Lemons and I do drive over lemons everyday.

Whether you emigrate or not, do what you want to do, listen to your gut feelings and have faith in yourself even if no-one else does. For those who want to come to live in Ibiza but are not able to, take pleasure from knowing you have greater highs than those who live here. Although you are only visitors, your excitement is greater and your love of the island stronger. When you live here it becomes normal and not so exciting. I envy the holiday makers and remember the excitement I used to feel when I was one.

Please all pray, religiously or not, for the success of Lottie Bogotti in San Carlos.

Good luck everyone,

Hannah, Lottie and Nellie…xxx

p.s. whilst writing this message, a praying mantice came into my living room, sat on the sofa and watched me as I walked around it saying hello. They move their heads as you move around and watch you with their huge eyes. They are supposed to be a good omen J


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man you are doin what i wish i could do tomorrow!

i want to be doing the same thing as you! i want to live there full time! there is nothing in the whole world i wish i could do! so .... i am saving money up and i plan on being out there as soon as i can possibly save enuff to live until i find work!

if anyone can give me some advice as well i would mostly appreciate it!!!


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hey hannah ... thanks for your story :)

hola hannah ...

many regards from the old town, d'alt vila ...

me and my girlfriend (23 and 24 years old) live here now since january 2006 and we love it ...

i like to go to san carles / cala lenya and this area to have a break or just to have a tortilla at anita's bar :)

hopefully we meet one time and have a cafe con leche all together!

hasta luego ... eric and frances ...

btw: we are german, origin ;)


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This topic has been filled with excellent information and stories. I thank you all for sharing, yet again; I'm another young'en wanting to live in Ibiza.

I thought I would share a bit of what my plans are so far...
I'm currently only 16-17 years of age, and in no position to move out intill after grad.
Most likely doing a year of graphic/flash/website design courses mingled with video production and editing. By then I should have enough money to start off in Ibiza.

Now for the move, I'm thinking not an appartment rental. Buying a semi-exclusive casa with 3 others. Work at the beginning, would simply be me asking around for businesses/cafes/restuarants/real esate/ etc that would like a website desigend and maintained, or even being a photographer for them. Post all my work on my resume/profile website to show others what I've done... After the start, work with my friends on a Ibiza video. A tour site exploiting and exploring what Ibiza live-time is really like. Webcam of the weather.. so so. Document everything...

This is only the starting of what I have planned with others, but I would like to know what you think I am missing and some ideas.comments?

- Thanks again.

p.s. Some of my work >> , , .........:twisted:
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so what about your spanish? before you want to move here or better said before you make an year as an flash-designer you have to learn spanish i think.

otherwise you can't really get in contact with the locals (cafe, restaurants, real estate, etc.)

regards from the island,