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Been going to Ibiza for holidays for 7 years now. I feel very convident of knowing the island like the back of my hand. Every time i lay on the beach out-side Bora Bora iv always said I will live there. Until early last year when I got a little lucky in a poker tournament which left me mortgage free. With my house up for sale now and offers coming in, I know this is for real, Someone asked me a while back if I was nervous, I laughed because iv never felt such anxiety in wanting the house to be sold an me saying Bon Voyage to RAINY Belfast for good. Id go tomorrow if i could.
My situation was made a little easier by strking it lucky but my situation is also in a postion were im leaving nothing behind ( apart from cloudy rainy skies ). Im 25yrs old, Iv no bro's or sisters, And lost both my parents to cancer in last few years. Like probably 99% of other bitish people I am feed up wearing coats and scarves 7 months a year.

My plan has been in action for nearly 2 months now and I have been weighing up costs and all sorts, But basically as soon is I get all furniture sold and contract signed with money in my account im setting sail.
I will be travelling the whole way with a van for which the only necessities im bringing is my gym equpitment and 1 double bed ( cause its comfiest bed in world )
Iv always acted on impulse always travelled and find what works for me is planning wots needed ahead, but leave plenty of time for impulse. ( male intuation I call it )

I will not be arriving in Ibiza with degrees or cirtificates. My only advantage is wot a wise man once said. "Trust no-one but your own two hands". By that i mean For work Id dig holes in the golf course's Clean the gutters of Ibiza, Paint walls or cut gardens. No-more than 5 days a week.
Il be renting first few months whilst continuesly looking for a place to call home. This is advice i get from everyone.

So if anyone knows of any short term rentals, relaible Estate Agents/Solicitors or Possible permenant jobs id be very happy to listen.

Any other advice will be appreciated also.

I have been viewing this site for sometime now but this is first post of many.

Do have a good day.
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Your on the Ball today.. Very quick reply..

Gracias senior..
Thnx for the link and of course the motivation...

Consider it done..!!!!!:lol:

Also Im also looking for detalis on cost of living.. I.E electric bills etc.. Basically wot comes through the post every month?
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You're living the dream, my friend. Good luck to you.

I haven't got any advice, just a request: Let us know how it goes... it'd be interesting to follow someone taking this path from start to finish.


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Cheers chaps... As long as there's an audience to listen il be happy to keep u informed.. U wudnt believe how much im chumping at the bits to get going.. I agreed sale of house just this morning, People buying it have sold there house and as iv nowere here to go, the sale should go smoothly.. Only thing estate agents & solicitors all closed 4 easter.. Whilst waiting iv been busy plastering the local newspapers with adds offering "House Hold Clearance" Any one in or around belfast drop me a line if u want furniture,Beds, Cabinets, T.V's all sorts.. Didnt want to sell car till close to time but its in pipeline as i need a van quickly..
I Doubt this is info u looking 4 but this works as a good diary for me & to this minute, its still the dream getting nearer.. Hopefully by mid May il be settling in on the island and il defo let u know along the way of what mistakes i Make,,

Any-one who has made the move in past or in future do feel free to let me know about your experince..

Hey if i can do this ANYONE can. Trust me. Iv never done anything sensible in my life.

Cheers again..
& il mabe catch u's out there someday soon when i post in the "meet me in Ibiza Section"
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Cost of living is very cheap. You can find apartments to rent for as little as 350 euros a month. Electricity the most was 90 euros every 3 months, thats with A/C in the summer. Gas tends to be cylinders, they cost 9 euro and last about 3 months. Telephone was the most costly, although I can not remember what it was :confused: Look on IbizaSun they have local builders advertised on there, they might be able to help you find some work, although you might be seen as competition. I can find a website that has loads of rentals on there, although I don't know it all hand, I can find it at home.

3 years and counting (DOWN) for me 8) (there is that better G!!) ;)

Good Luck :) :) :) *sigh, dreams of Ibiza, soon Helen, soon....*
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Sirens said:
3 years and counting for me 8)

Good Luck :) :) :) *sigh, dreams of Ibiza, soon Helen, soon....*
i'm guessing you mean counting down H;).

2 years and counting (down) for me:) :)

Hello everybody...i´d like to know if somebody here could help me...i´d like also to live in Ibiza..but i don´t what i should do...can anybody help me???
i apriciate it


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Ok it took me a while getting the house sold in belfast, The deal went through last friday the 23rd so on the same day i hit the high seas. Drove the whole way through scotland, England & spain to barcalona. Took 5 days but hey, Im here. Thank F*** for satalittle navagation. So I guess thats all i mite need to report. It wasnt easy but i still believe If you want to do it you just need to up & go. Spent last 2 days checking out property to buy. Any 1 know of any good notarys or estate agents here worth checking out let me know. Im renting in San An but im not wanting to buy here. Im looking all over but the objective is to find a place that i can rent out so i can hit the high seas again and explore some other land. Bon Voyage uk. Il not be back


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Obviously there are squillions of real estates over there but a few years ago my family looked out of interest in one in Santa Eulalia....they had some fantastic properties at great prices.....and I always take a sneaky peak now and they always have some beautiful ones.....:D ....will get name now....

Engel & Voelkers (sp?) are very good too........;)


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Im always one for coming up with new ideas. im renting in San An but I left belfast to escape the rat race. I need a gaffe to chill rite out with no banging music. I dont mind the raquet just for somewere to live it wud need to be quieter. San An is good place for living it up but im trying to avoid it for a bit till i get sorted.. Any way. The new idea is this.... Dont buy appartment. Buy a boat and float around the island for the 3 years iv got to spare. Im aware of the cost issue but its the obtaining a license. I met a dude who taking me for a sailing lesson tomorrow. Once my mind is on it il go 4 it. I say buy boat... Buy cheap boat lol and cheap place bak in ireland or uk to rent which may cover living costs on a boat, But hey. i will fish for my food and stay in same place as long as possible.. Can any1 tell me if this dream is possible...



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comon sense tells me the value of a boat goes down every year and the value of property goes up. i wouldn't touch a boat with a barge pole!


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Your absolutly right stephan. Common sense goes out the window after 8 pints of Guinness. Iv seen the light and awoke again. Iv put that to the back burner for a few years yet.

Cheers Ibiza Lou. The estate agent in Santa Eularia you mentioned Angel & volkers is a good spot. It has plenty of properties and seems to be held high in many people´s opinions. I saw one i may go ahead with in their branch, Only prob though is i hate dealing with germans but hey, They own half this island so i gotta start somewere.

So Boats for another day and back to originall plan. If there is any 1 about on there jack fancy having a beer or a toke on the beach drop me a line..


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just read thru this whole thread, sorry to hear about your parents etc mate :cry:

its realy cool to hear your actually goin out and doin this instead of just dreamin like alot of us, i wish you all the best in your voyage!!

from bonnie Scotland ;)

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Cheers tony..

PATRICA I got your private message but I tried to reply to you but it said you have your facility to accept private messages turned off... Iff you turn it on ill happily tell you what I know but honetly i find that if you wanna move its best to actually come and get your feet on the ground and then things can happen a lot quicker..

I see your from Brazil and im not sure about how you would have to go about obtaining a visa to make a permenant move. I guess you can go to your embassy and aply there. I asked an Argentinain dude who lives just a few doors down from me & he said he is here for 5 months only and got a 1 year long visa.

Apart from that my only advice is to go with your instinct and just go 4 it. Sort out what you need to sort out in Brazil and organise an appartment to rent here for a month or so. I can happily send you details of web sites for rentals.

The one & only mistake i made was to come and rent in high season when the prices are high but this was just unfortunate as it was the date my house sold in belfast. If i could do it again id come in november to may as prices are cheap to rent.

let me know if u wanna know anything else and turn on ur message facility.

Hope it goes well...


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Awesome m8, i aint got a house to sell, the poker skills or the bollox to up sticks and go....

so i respect you for what you have done! hope it works out