M&T's Move to Ibiza


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That's what I call willpower - doing a whopping 1h20 podcast instead of enjoying a welcome drink by the pool 👍

I thought it was windy and cloudy on Saturday - how on Earth did you get perfect blue skies for that podcast? It wasn't filmed using a green screen, was it?

Looking forward to the new video content Matt hinted about :)
It was definitely windier on Sunday for us. We were super lucky to be able to enjoy it :)
And we went for the welcome drink afterwards haha!


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Amazing news! Love hearing of people that are coming over! Very exciting.
We started our application as soon as we hit the ground and had together all of our documents. I think we submitted for our TIE/Residency 2 weeks after landing once we had got the bank account and rental contract etc sorted.

I'm not sure how it works if you then want to leave and come back again or anything though - so sorry I can't help you with that.

Good luck and keep in touch though!! x
I’ll pm you x


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Why is the opening scene of each podcast always filmed with an empty wine bottle? ;)

I think another wine bottle as a prop (or alternatively, a little more editing) would make it look much better.


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Maybe because It’s a nightmare to get an appointment with the Policia National these days and I think Brexit is not helping either with all the British residents in the island trying to get their TIE sorted before D day.