Kevin & Perry

hahaha i just bought the VHS the other day!! My friend told me about it so i looked it up! Apparently it's really hard to find(no DVD)!! Comedy is poor to say the least but it did excite my anticipation for my vacation!!
Its the wait at the airport that sorts me out, all you need to do is catch an eye and its huge grins all round - you dont get that on the red eye from chicago - nor folk whooping uncontrollably as they grab their bags off the carousel knowing its 10 minutes to party time.
i love its all gone pete tong! havnt seen kevin and perry.... mostley cuz i cant seem to find a region 1 copy of it :( and i will definatley have to check out htat manumission movie :)
watch "is harry on the boat" (the film,with danny dyer) if u can get ur hands on it,it always gets me..... only 12 more days til im back there cant wait!!!
Ok I know it's exceptionally sad but who else is geting their Ibiza fix from watching a copy of Kevin & Perry go large or It's all gone Pete Tong ? , the tunes in both films give me goose bumps as i know i will be returning the the White Isle soon, and they are both pretty funny.

LOL me and my mate are because this is gonna be our fist holiday to the island...and theres just the the two of us! Like saddos we have watched it over and over.
its all gone Pete Tongs gud aswell loike.
very surprised no one has mentioned IS HARRY ON THE BOAT? it shows alot of ibiza the beach in san an , inside eden all through the west end , sunet strip , kanya , alot more than kevin & perry tunes are classics aswell danny dyer and will mellor are a class act very hard to find on dvd tho
It's funny that you should mention that film because I was just saying last night how **** it was!

Kevin And Perry Go Large was the reason I never went to Ibiza in the late 90's- and I was a trance fan at the time! It had no real plot apart from penis jokes and Harry Enfield's character moaning and talking ****. Rhys Iffans character Eyeball Paul saved the day but I can remember sitting in the cinema watching the movie after hearing so much about Amnesia and thinking to myself- Is that It?

I think you might have looked into it a little to serious, its a film that evolved from a sketch show, i certainly wouldnt have made holiday choices from a comedy!

On a side note i was meant to go to the filming of Kevin and Perry in amnesia but slept in. They filmed the club scenes in August 1999.
Kev & Perry

Kevin & Perry is a great film and has made me want to visit the island ever since it came out, unfortunatly not all my friends are the same and has taken me until this year to finally go out there!!!!

The music is great the characters are great if your a true brit born in the 80's you'll appriecate the characters because of other tv programs that have been on!

I have the soundtrack is all set on my ipod! ready to hit the island in september!

It's been on sky tv for the last month on various channels my friends moan when i put in on for the 3rd time? this month!!!!

It's a happy go lucky, light hearted film. yea it may not be fantastic but i'll slap any one with a wet fish if you can't lighten up and take life to seriously!:spank:

... Kevin & Perry go large ...
that soundtrack doesn´t get old - still amazing
Always put it on before hitting the white isle - great sound track, cool footage of the island, and fun banter.

Also, was having a walk through St Eulalia on my last trip and thought this looked familiar:
I started watching It's All Gone Pete Tong again last night, but it was evident I wasn't going to like it much more than I did on my 1st viewing (which wasn't much, to be honest).If I get the time, I may watch the arty farty rumpy pumpy film Sex and Lucia (filmed in Formentera) again before heading out to Ibiza on Thursday...