karen mathews & michael donovan found GUILTY!!


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all a bit 'last week' though isn't it

right now, everyone's talking about chris lewis getting busted for smuggling coke! :eek:


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"It must be true, it were all round Asda"


This is enough to put you of your shopping.


Cant believe we're the same age :eek: What a specimen of a women :lol:

Doesn't seem long enough!

She'l prolly only do three with good behaviour and the time she's already spent in the nick. Funkin joke :evil:

At least her daughter will get a much better life now. (and her four other kids, all by different fathers :eek:)


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im not sure if the judge has reccomended a minimum serve time...but i'd glady see the bitch do the whole 8 years!!:evil: