Ibiza- When do we call it a day.. if ever?



Having spoken to one of my mates over the weekend about going out to the white isle in 2004 an issue which came up was when is enough really enough?

He is turning 30 next year and is therefore saying it will be his last trip. He is expecting his third child too and wants to call it a day. Not because he wants to but because he reakons it all has to end sometime and 30 seems like a pretty good cut off point to him.

I can see where he's coming from. I'm 27 and don't want to stop going out there but feel that realistcally it can't be good for us can it?

I 've got a couple of years left in me I think but I want to give up all the 'shiznik' (you know what I mean) that we do when we go out there (well the majority of us anyway)

Reading through the post about when it all started for us some have been going since 1997. when do you think you'll stop going ot at least stop doing 'shiznik ' when yopu go out clubbing either in your home towns or Ibiza?

I relise that there is so much to the island more than the clubs but do you ever see a time when you'll be able to go to the island with out being tempted to go to Pacha, or Space on the Sunday. And let's be honest if we decide to clubbing while we're out there most of us are likely to indulge in some 'shiznik' or at least be tempted.

After all it can't be good for us can it?? So when is enough really enough or will you all be dancing on the tables in Bora Bora in the year 2023?

I'd be interested in your opinions as the topic always seems to creep up in the pub with my mates. and it never really gets anywhere.

Is clubbing in Ibiza really the same without some sort of help form the shiznik?

A confused happyman.
celebrated my 38th birthday out there this year and still planning on going out for every birthday to celebrate, unless :

a. the place turns totaly hip hop/garage/r&b;
b. airlines stop flying there;
c. i die!!

Even if you feel you are too old to hack it - you can still go for the vibe, the scenery and the magic that is Ibiza - its not all about caning it

(Just a thought - Do you reckon the clubs will start doing OAP prices for entrance???)
glasgow-chick said:
What's'*beep*nik'? :confused:

They are round, small and come in pink and white colour variations.

They are bitter to taste and have logos on them.

They make you love evryone and want to dance & dance & dance & dance.& dance &...... ;)
nish said:
wot puppylover said :rolleyes:

I'll 2nd that ;)

30+ is no way too old for Ibiza, especially Ibiza town.

My g/f and I enjoy all aspects of Ibiza and chuck in a few club nights here and there - mainly Space/Pacha/El Divino.

Its all about pacing yourself, knowing when to hold back a little.

I'll know when i want to stop and it aint quite yet :p
DrewUK said:
Its all about pacing yourself, knowing when to hold back a little.

Thats my main problem I think! Just cant get enough and in the words of Mr Rivera, 'I cant stop'! ;)

happyman said:
So when is enough really enough or will you all be dancing on the tables in Bora Bora in the year 2023?

Yes I will !!! :!:
And when I'm 80 I'll still be going to see the sunset every night and maybe then I'll hold back on the clubbing a little :D
good to know! A girl I know said she's gonna give me till 23 till I die!! -(something to do with my lifestyle!) the cheek! Come 24 Im SOOO gonna laugh in her face like

unless she's jinxed me! :eek:
Robo said:
DrewUK said:
15-20 years of Ibiza left in you mate :eek:

....and then a whole new ibiza experience starts.

so very true Rob - this year was a different Ibiza holiday for me, so much more chilled and relaxed even though the insides of many clubs were visited, we stayed only for a few hours instead of leaving at the bitter end, that way we go to to do so much more on this gorgeous Island
cant imagine leaving a club early at this point in my life. Think im gonna be the next Lionel! :lol: