Ibiza to Sant Antonio Road


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Taken from The Ibiza Sun

The Ibiza to Sant Antoni road & particular the problem of the large numbers of people leaving the 2 big discos located on this road in the centre of the islands was the basis of an important discussion in the meeting this week of the Sant Antoni Security Council.

After the meeting, the Mayor of Sant Antoni, Jose Sala, said it had been agreed that, as of next summer, there will be a lot more traffic police operating on this stretch of road particularly at the hours & on the days when there is more danger. Sala went on to say that it was too late to change the situation for summer & that he didn't have the resources or man power at his disposal to do more than the council were doing already.

However he thought that this situation would change next summer & said that he was going to start talks with the owners of the 2 discos this autumn. Sala said that the discos had to take more responsibly for the public order & road safety problems which they were creating because of the success of their businesses.

He seemed to imply that the discos could either do it voluntarily through discussion or he would be prepared to make them comply
Bout time.

Make it a dual carriagway.

Install foot bridges over it.

Have footpaths along the side of it seperated from the road by armoco or reactive spring loaded barriers.

Job done.
N8 said:
Bout time.

Make it a dual carriagway.

Install foot bridges over it.

Have footpaths along the side of it seperated from the road by armoco or reactive spring loaded barriers.

Job done.

A footpath would be a great idea....wouldn't take much to fund - an hours taking from the space bar maybe??
I had to walk to the police station in June when I went (long story) thinking it was a few hundred metres up the way. 1/2 mile later got to the police building on the left hand side and there was a sign saying

'if you have been stolen (!) keep going for 2 miles to the guardia civil'. So had to keep going - scary walking on a road with no footpath with big trucks zooming by at 80mph.
it seems astonishing that the two discos in question haven't been made to take more responsibility already. to me, as a native of england, it is normal that organisations which cause 'problems' should pay towards the remedy. for example at sporting events all the big clubs have their own stewards AND have to pay the police for extra vigilance.
normally when applying for planning permission for a new building, for example a supermarket or cinema or sports stadium, the developer also has to pay for alterations to the roads, pedestrian bridges, traffic lights etc. this just doesn't seem to happen here.

on a note of personal observation i would like to say that the organisation at DC10's circo loco is superb. they have stewards wearing bright green waistcoats directing traffic and organising parking etc etc so that there are minimum hold ups on a road which is busy with beach traffic. on the other hand i am regularly held up for an hour on my way to work in a morning because of the shambles that is privilege/amnesia. traffic and pedestrians everywhere, cars turning the wrong way, and no direction from anybody and not a steward to be seen. and where are the police? usually miles away stopping van drivers to check their papers!

Yes a big Tesco near me is expanding and has been made to provide more comunity facilities, plant trees, gardens, build paths,improve road access etc before they can build their extension.

I guess theres a lot more underhand politics and back room dealing involved in ibiza than we'll ever know about....
Sorry stephen...I will punish myself in due course.. :rolleyes: ;)

It's annoying tho that it should have taken this long and its still a couple of years off...I wonder how many people will be fatally injured in the meantime :?:

(any idea of how many people have actually died/been run over on this stretch anyone btw)
from memory i think there have been about 3 fatalities this year and none of them clubbers - an old man crossing at can tomas, a policeman cycling near san rafael, and a youngish fellow cycling, again near san rafael. maybe people are a little more careful now because of the notoriety of the road?
stephen said:
an old man crossing at can tomas

picture taken from can tomas:

*just noticed a post I did on this post 5 months ago... :oops: *

I knew my aim in life was to be a footpath engineer.
omg are they crazy? no foot paths or anything... that would freak me out walking .... i'm scared enough standing on sholder on major highways (no i don't hang out on highways it's when ems has to go to accidents lol) and that has plenty of standing room.... that is absurd
The road is so dangerous. To have people staggering out of the two largest clubs on the island in all states and onto the road is just madness.

I don't know why nothing has been done about it sooner.
i'm sure they have PLENTY of money too.... things are expensive in ibiza!