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I know. In Frankfurt ( Offenbach ) we have a party for hedonistic people , NO swingers club. Big difference. Its not a Bdsm party alone , there are less bdsm people. Lot of Bdsm people are not coming anymore , because they say its only showtime. Ok , sometimes Bdsm things happen , but not open , normally. There are rooms for it. The people are as you said : Open minded , cool and friendly . Nice clothes ( very strict dresscode ) Djs are good ( Amar , Hedo , Tabou , Clark Kent from Kitty sometimes ) , which are in this scene. Saw Amar one time in Casa Colonial. He is ofte in Ibiza. People are dancing ecstatic Door : Not without invitation / registration or known by doorbitch. They had problems with offensive guys or bad dressed ones
Good : Depeche Mode Parties 4 Times a year : They play new wave ( stripped )
This is a nice evening normally and what you mean , I think. No shame to go there , Im not a holy and dont want to be. Its rising in many cities not only in germany.
The hard ones are nothing for me. Have to select the theme of the evening
Maybe in Ibiza any time ...
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pride not happening on postponed dates

can we please get back to using this thread for actual information and leave the joking for other threads.
Sorry stivi, just seen this☹️
go check out Clara folks - knows her tunes

provide everyone with standard issue silent disco headphones and then bang the hell out of the system

Enigma was busy, we went there a couple of times and there was a good vibe, Police came in once while we were there and the manager ran round in a panic making sure people were social distancing.

My pals went to go for a meal there and the silent disco was in full swing , they felt to was a little weird trying to eat with people dancing around them wearing headphones

Later on in the night people do dance, and I hear the venue is on thin ice because of this reason.
tantra has some club like events on sometimes
mikala (close to boutique hostal salinas) too

gonna be interesting to see how zoo goes on saturday
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