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wow! sasha at las dalias tuesday next week!

Enigma was busy, we went there a couple of times and there was a good vibe, Police came in once while we were there and the manager ran round in a panic making sure people were social distancing.

My pals went to go for a meal there and the silent disco was in full swing , they felt to was a little weird trying to eat with people dancing around them wearing headphones

Later on in the night people do dance, and I hear the venue is on thin ice because of this reason.
wich day?

sunday busy for sure but other day quiet dead ,reported by mates, i didnt want to join them...

its like bora bora at night, beside weekend it may be quiet from monday to friday
What happened at Cavallet. Saw pics : Theey moved the border to the water 5 m
Beach is smaller

just a guess but maybe they are using this very quiet season to let more of the the protected dunes regenerate this year? btw please people: do nit step over the fences into the dunes!
The man looks more like a shrivelled up testical every day ??
Those little chicken legs of his are funny.. showed a video of him last night on something walking off into the sunset with his prize..I wouldn't take much notice of all this.. hear that the twatter community are making him out to be Euro Epstein type fella without a prince but is friends with an even Wilder royal connected fella on the island.. we all know who.... double G ? our Gary
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