Ibiza blues

Discussion in 'Clubbing Open Chat' started by tasha-x, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. McRackin

    McRackin Moderator

    The solution to all your problems...

  2. Ferd

    Ferd Active Member

    ok... it's kicking in.

    Time to cry.
  3. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    And don't forget what you spent on one night out could have paid for next years holidays already..;)
  4. cunninghamali

    cunninghamali Active Member

    Really gonna stick to a budget this time, eat cheap food etc..tickets paid for already...
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  5. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    You can eat good lunch and dinner for €20 a day easily..
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  6. cunninghamali

    cunninghamali Active Member

    Exactly! And i dont drink much so wont be spending much on drink. In fig cheap places to eat too. Last time i went i thought i was rich lol spent so much on eating in fancy restaurants...not doing that this time
  7. kimajy

    kimajy Well-Known Member

  8. "ibizatom"

    "ibizatom" Member

    Exactly! I go on about 2 nights out a year back home. Mates think I'm mad. But also go on 5 holidays a year. Would rather save my money and go for it in ibiza over standing on a dance floor in the weatherspoons in town with pitbull on :D
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  9. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    you poor bastard. move, man.

    I wish I could rewind the clock a month. good times *sigh*
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  10. ibizainside

    ibizainside Active Member

    No other destination has given me the blues like Ibiza does, any other holiday I come back and think oh that was nice, back to normality.. coming back from Ibiza I have cried for no reason, gone out for long walks not knowing where i'm going, avoiding listening to any form of dance music as that brings on a lump in my throat, being off food... it wears off after a week normally, but funny when I look back at those times, its obviously drug related!
  11. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    I find the partying side of things can easily be replicated anywhere else but other things cannot - the scenery and character of the island is just unique
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  12. "ibizatom"

    "ibizatom" Member

    I live in torquay. During my teens and early 20's it was amazing here for club nights. Got so many names down at the infamous Claires nightclub. Then it changed to a club called Bohemia. Still had decent names but it was no longer dark and sweaty. It had wall paper and chandeliers!! Was horrific. It lies empty now after a night I went to. Somebody died of an overdose on the sofas inside. Kind of glad Claires went though cause if it was still open now I'd probably be dead :lol: I'm over going out weekly now. Twice a year a bar near me has a trance night on. That's about all I do now. Would rather put tunes on at home with a crate and scan through this forum at ibiza shit tbh (retired at 29...where did it all go wrong?) :D
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  13. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    yeah, I used to live in Exeter, going way back. I know where you're coming from!
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  14. discodotty

    discodotty Active Member

    I gr
    I grew up in Exeter as well back then you had to travel far and wide to go to anything closely resembling a proper club although had some great nights in the monastery Torquay.
  15. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    mid 90s there was the timepiece, volts, warehouse and cavern - and all closed at 1am!
  16. "ibizatom"

    "ibizatom" Member

    I went to the later years of Monastery. Was banging as a 15 year old. Me and my mates used to sit in class at school listening to mark eg and M-zone cassettes then my friends uncle would let us in on a Friday night. Great times. It's apartments now :cry:
  17. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Dave Phillips is from Torquay and still plays a set or two when he's home...
  18. "ibizatom"

    "ibizatom" Member

    Is he? The only place I can assume he plays round here now is the attic. It's not bad in there but stopped going cause there was too many dubstep nights :eek: plus for a shit hole, the £6 entry fee and £4.20 a pint puts me off. It's one thing paying loads in ibiza but when it's a resident dj and the place is as big as my shed, it's a bit different :lol:
  19. Simon Pierce

    Simon Pierce Member

    One of those nights sure don't sound like it would help with the Ibiza blues.
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  20. Ikoda

    Ikoda Active Member

    This is the first year of coming back where I've not had Ibiza blues which is quite nice. Guess I've got too much else going on to think about it!

    Closing parties are the way to go in future I think.
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